IBM RTP Centre for Advanced Studies

RTP CAS works to foster an on-campus atmosphere that is conducive to IBM recruiting. It collects and forwards graduate student resumes within IBM and works to place graduate students participating in RTP CAS and other projects within IBM (as coops/interns and new hires). As part of this effort, it seeks to integrate IBM software into university research and curricula, raising the visibility of our products on campus. To this end, RTP CAS strongly promotes and utilizes the IBM Academic Initiative. It also works to place IBM hardware on campus through the IBM Shared University Program (SUR), and is a site focal point for these and other IBM corporate university relations programs (including the Faculty Awards and Ph.D. Fellowship programs). It coordinates its efforts with other IBM organizations working with universities (including the WebSphere Technology Institute, Extreme Blue, NRO and NCTEC). All projects are reviewed by several technical advisory committees.

RTP CAS (in cooperation with NCTEC) sponsors a number of technical vitality events, including the semi-annual IBM University Day and the International Conference on the Virtual Computing Initiative (ICVCI).