IBM Rochester Centre for Advanced Studies

The Rochester CAS is an extension of our Technical Vitality Council. Our projects focus on the areas of Deep Computing, based on Blue Gene, and Life Sciences. We have several projects (listed in the projects section) with area institutions which include:

University of Minnesota
Iowa State University
Hormel Institute
Mayo Clinic

IBM's facility in Rochester, Minn., has a rich heritage of business computing innovation and client satisfaction -- a tradition that continues today. With a focus on servers and services, the site plays a key role in the company's on demand business strategy. About 4,400 regular employees representing more than 30 IBM divisions work together to provide innovative business solutions to clients around the world. Although the site has a wide diversity of skills, its predominant mission is the development, manufacture and support of IBM eServer business computers.

IBM Rochester employees play a vital role in the development and manufacture of IBM eServer iSeries and pSeries systems. IBM eServer iSeries is the company's integrated business server for small to mid-sized enterprises; pSeries is IBM's powerful and technologically advanced line of UNIX servers. Site employees are also involved in software development for many IBM products. The Blue Gene/L supercomputer, which claimed the No. 1 spot on the latest Top500 list - a highly-respected ranking of the world's most powerful supercomputers, is developed and manufactured in Rochester. When fully configured, Blue Gene/L consists of 64 full racks and achieves a peak performance of 360 teraflops.

IBM Engineering & Technology Services, a business formed in late 2002, brings together IBM's know-how and capabilities in IT services and advanced technology, offering customers a wealth of engineering talent with the ability to leverage IBM's vast intellectual property, including designs ranging from complex chips to entire systems.

IBM Global Services employees provide information technology services for the Rochester facility, as well as commercial customers spanning development, manufacturing, marketing and administrative support. They also provide application development and maintenance, and software testing services for IBM clients and the IBM Corporation.

IBM began operations in Rochester in 1956 with 174 employees working in a 50,000 square foot leased facility. The current site was first occupied in 1958. Three years later, the company expanded its Rochester operations to include a development laboratory. Since the development lab was established, Rochester inventors have been awarded more than 2,700 U.S. patents for product innovation. Today, IBM occupies about 3.6 million square feet of owned and leased space in Rochester (equivalent to about 78 football fields). It is the largest IBM facility in the world under one contiguous roof.


Technical Contacts:
Tim Mullins, Carlos Sosa

Project Contacts:
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Management Contacts:
Drew Flaada, Sam Ellis