Introduction to the IBM Q experience and Quantum Computing

Workshop Chair(s): Mehdi Bozzo-Rey , Robert Loredo
Theme: Other
Date: Wednesday, November 6th ( Full day)
Room: Holly-Butternut
Format: HandsOn
Level: Beginner
Pre-requisites: It is assumed that participants will:
- bring their own laptops
- have the anaconda python distribution installed (
- have an IBM Q experience account (
Description: IBM's work in quantum computing started in the 1970s with the birth of quantum information theory and the first conference on Physics of Computation was co-hosted by IBM and MIT in 1981. The quantum foundations time, where quantum computing was the exclusive domain of scientists and theoreticians is past history. We are now in a quantum readiness phase where education, algorithm development and use case identification that may lead to demonstrations of quantum advantage are key.

In 2016 IBM made quantum computing capable devices available for the public at no cost in the cloud and then launched the IBM Q network in 2017. Programming a quantum computer is quite different from “classical programming” and is done with a circuit made of quantum gates that execute the quantum algorithm. For devices with a small number of qbits, a GUI driven interface can be used to build the circuit, making quantum programming available and viable for even high schoolers. For devices with more qubits, or more complex circuits a programming framework is needed.

In this hands-on workshop, we will review the basics of quantum computing, go through account creation on the IBM Q experience and basic use of the Composer (GUI driven interface), installation of the Open Source Qiskit and Qiskit AQUA frameworks, and how to execute simple quantum circuits on either a local quantum simulator or on a real quantum device that operates at a temperature colder than outer space.
Agenda: - High level introduction to Quantum computing, motivation and possible application areas
- Quantum mechanics and quantum computing
- IBM Q experience, IBM Q network and frameworks available for using a quantum computer
- Qiskit and Aqua lab
Workshop Speaker(s)
Mehdi Bozzo-Rey
Institution IBM 
Bio Mehdi Bozzo-Rey is Offering Manager at IBM in the Cognitive Systems Software group. In the HPC industry for more than 15 years, his contributions to HPC span infrastructure management, reproducible HPC, as well as customers and partners enablement. Driven by passion for disruptive technologies, he recently took advantage of his background in quantum mechanics to start exploring the field of Quantum Computing. At night, Mehdi is amateur astronomer, member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and he runs the astronomy and sciences club at his son’s school. 
Robert Loredo
Institution IBM 
Bio Robert Loredo is a Quantum Ambassador, Distinguished IT Specialist and Master Inventor at IBM where he holds over 80 patents and publications. He has over 18 years of experience in enterprise product development in various technologies such as mobile development, artificial intelligence, cloud and quantum computing. Robert has presented various quantum computing workshops and lectures and has written numerous articles; cross-product integration, bioinformatics, and has taught cloud and software engineering at Florida International University's school of computer science. He holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering from the University of Miami.