Building AI models using IBM Watson Studio

Workshop Chair(s): Sarah Packowski , Wendy Switzer
Theme: Cognitive Computing
Date: Monday, November 4th ( Afternoon)
Room: Conf Center 2
Format: HandsOn
Level: Beginner
Pre-requisites: 1. You MUST bring your own laptops for the hands-on exercise
2. Set up Watson Studio and Watson Knowledge Catalog on IBM Cloud:
Description: In this workshop you will train AI models that process different types of sample input data, including: structured data (tabular) and unstructured data (images and sound.) Then you will see how to integrate those models into fun, sample apps that solve everyday challenges. With our help, you will create models in different ways using a variety of tools in IBM Watson Studio.

About Watson Studio: IBM Watson Studio provides a range of tools to help you train AI models - from graphical tools that guide you, step-by-step, in choosing machine learning algorithms to notebooks where you can construct complex neural networks by hand. Watson Studio simplifies AI development, whether you are looking for tools to make learning AI easier, tools to rapidly prototype your AI inventions, or a cost-effective, powerful platform for AI research or enterprise AI solutions. See more:
Agenda: 1. [10 minutes] Presentation: Practical overview of Watson Studio
2. [10 minutes] Demonstration: Building sample models
3. [1.5 hour ] Hands-on:
3.0 Log in to Watson Studio
3.1 Learn how to navigate around Watson Studio tools
3.2 Build sample models
3.3 Use models in sample notebooks
3.4 Explore sample apps that use sample models

Total time: 2 hours