The 10th CASCON Workshop on Cloud Computing

Workshop Chair(s): Marin Litoiu , Joe Wigglesworth
Theme: Cloud Computing
Date: Tuesday, October 30th ( Afternoon)
Room: Conf Center 1
Format: Speakers
Level: Intermediate
Description: The goal of the workshop was to bring together researchers and practitioners from government, industry and academia to present and share the best practices and research agendas at the intersection of Cloud Computing and Internet of Things: development, deployment, runtime management, quality of services and runtime models. We particularly focused on several main topics: cloud requirements for Internet of Things, deployment and adaptive runtime management, cognitive capabilities, security and privacy. DevOps plays an important role in the IoT and cloud ecosystems, providing the mechanisms that enable agile development and operations and it was a topic of the workshop. Application domains such as smart buildings and smart cities were illustrated.

This half-day workshop consisted in presentations and a panel. The presentations were structured along the main themes of the workshop. To encourage discussion and provide a more open discussion and perspective, we included a panel where industry and academic experts presented their visions and answered questions from the audience.
Agenda: Industry Presentations
-IBM Keynote

Academic Presentations
-Research Trends in Cloud and IoT

Panel (research and implementation challenges)