Come learn how to deploy Open Liberty applications using Docker, Kubernetes, Helm and MicroProfile!

Workshop Chair(s): Arthur De Magalhaes , Leo Christy Jesuraj
Theme: Cloud Computing
Date: Monday, November 4th ( Afternoon)
Room: Violet
Format: HandsOn
Level: Beginner
Description: Application modernization is in everyone's mind - but what environment do you migrate your legacy application into? Can that environment also host your new cloud-native applications?

In this hands-on lab you'll learn about how to leverage Open Liberty's Docker container from Open Source to package your applications (legacy or cloud-native) into a container and store them in a private, on-premises Docker registry.

You will then use IBM's Open Source Helm charts to deploy these applications (plus a database!) into Kubernetes using production-grade settings such as auto-scaling and health monitoring.

Lastly, you will see how MicroProfile OpenAPI can help your containerized microservices expose their REST APIs and enable an internal API economy between legacy and cloud-native applications.

The environment for this lab will be IBM Cloud Private - a production-ready kubernetes platform.
Agenda: - Introduction to Application Modernization (20 mins)
-- Presentation by Arthur De Magalhaes, WebSphere's API, Containers and Cloud Architect

- Lab overview (5 mins)
-- Leo Christy Jesuraj, Advisory Software Engineer

- Lab (~1.5 hours)
-- Hosted by the WebSphere Docker / ICP Toronto Squad

-- Lab part 1: Open Liberty Docker Container & IBM Cloud Private Docker Registry
--- Students will be introduced to a MicroProfile applications, which they will package it (using open source Dockerfiles) into an Open Liberty Docker container from Docker Hub.
--- Students will then push their container images into an IBM Cloud Private Docker Registry.

-- Lab Part 2: Deploying application using Helm
--- Students will be introduced to a helm chart that deploys their application and a database into Kubernetes.
--- Students will walk through the various deployment artifacts in IBM Cloud Private that were created from the helm installation.

- Lab Part 3: MicroProfile exploration
-- Students will explore how MicroProfile OpenAPI in their application can help them expose the APIs from their applications, and even invoke actions via the built-in UI.
-- Students will explore how MicroProfile Health is helping kubernetes monitor their application's health and redeploy the container when necessary.

- Lab Part 4: Bonus
-- Students will be invited to explore (if time permits) how the same artifacts can be deployed locally in their laptops using MiniKube, to re-inforce the fact that WebSphere's containers and IBM Cloud Private supports the standard Open Source Kubernetes framework.