IBM Voice Agent with Watson

Workshop Chair(s): Alice Yeung , Rick Chen , Philip Kurowski , Trevor Crawford , Meswan Bhaugeerutty
Theme: Cognitive Computing
Date: Tuesday, November 5th ( Afternoon)
Room: Violet
Format: HandsOn
Level: Beginner
Pre-requisites: Attendees need to create trial Twilio and IBM Cloud accounts during the workshop. The accounts are free and no credit card information is needed.
Description: Cognitive chat bots are changing the way businesses are interacting with their customers. Whether embedded in a web page, or talking to users via a mobile application, Watson powered cognitive bots can resolve queries quickly and efficiently.

To better leverage this powerful technology, businesses can use Voice Agent with Watson on IBM Cloud to quickly build Watson powered chat bots (voice agents) and connect them to the telephone network.

Through connecting Speech to Text, Text to Speech, and Watson Assistant, voice agents can identify what a caller is saying and to respond back in real time. As Watson Assistant can process natural language, it is able to converse with callers using complete sentences, helping to improve the experience for callers.

Voice agents can act as a self-service solution to solve the most common calls entering call centers. By answering the main volume of calls with voice agents, businesses can resolve calls more effectively. This results in a reduction to the volume of calls sent to human agents.
Agenda: 1. IBM Voice Agent with Watson
1.1 Overview
1.2 Create voice agent
1.3 Understand voice agent configuration
1.4 Setup call transfer
2. Watson Assistant
2.1 Understand intent, entity and dialog
2.2 Create workspace
2.3 Advance configuration for Voice Agent
3. Service Orchestration Engine
3.1 What is SOE?
3.2 Node-Red and weather sample
4. Watson Speech Services
4.1 Training and configuration
Workshop Speaker(s)
Alice Yeung
Institution IBM Canada 
Bio Alice is a senior software developer at the IBM Toronto Lab. She is currently the development lead of the Voice Agent with Watson team. Her responsibilities include providing technical guidance to the team, ensuring the Voice Agent service complies with the IBM Cloud guidelines, as well as overseeing the day to day operations of the development team. Her prior roles include development lead of WebSphere eXtreme Scale, Install and serviceability architect of Tivoli Provisioning Manager. Alice had both her Computer Science bachelor degree and Computer Engineering master degree from University of Waterloo. 
Topic Alice along with Sally Milson, one of the internship students on her team, will cover the basics of IBM Voice Agent with Watson. They will also demonstrate how to create and configure a voice agent in just a few minutes.  
Rick Chen
Institution IBM Canada 
Bio Rick is a graduate from the University of Toronto with a degree in Electrical Engineering (B.A.Sc.). He first joined IBM working in the Microelectronics division. Following that, he moved to work on commerce related applications including projects for the Singapore government, and then the net.commerce hosting provider edition. He then worked on the Tivoli Provisioning Manager (TPM) product in the areas of web services and agent development. Most recently, Rick is working in support and development for Websphere eXtreme Scale and Voice Agent for Watson products. 
Topic Rick along with Yuyuan Liu, one of the internship students on his team, will talk about training and configurations of Watson Speech to Text and Text to Speech services. 
Philip Kurowski
Institution IBM Canada 
Bio Philip has been working at IBM for just over 3 years on WebSphere eXtreme Scale and now as a DevOps and network engineer for Voice Agent with Watson. Philip's responsibility includes enhancing the automation and deployment processes, planning the integration of new features into the infrastructure, and handling support tasks. Philip graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 2015 from the Software Engineering program.  
Topic Philip and Meswan will teach you how you can build a workspace in Watson Assistant and how you can change Voice Agent configurations via Watson Assistant. 
Trevor Crawford
Institution IBM Canada 
Bio Trevor is currently a software developer on the Voice Agent with Watson team at IBM. His main role is to lead the development of the service broker for the Voice Agent with Watson service. Trevor graduated from Western University in 2016 with a bachelors degree in Software Engineering. He also previously interned at IBM from 2014-2015, working on tools and automation for the Elastic Cache service on IBM Cloud.  
Topic Trevor along with Jason Wang, one of the internship students on his team, will discuss about Service Orchestration Engine (SOE) and how we can use SOE to customize the communication between Voice Agent with Watson and Watson Assistant. 
Meswan Bhaugeerutty
Institution IBM Canada 
Bio Meswan is a DevOps Engineer on the Voice Agent with Watson team at IBM. His main duties consist of supporting, automating, maintaining and optimizing DevOps processes along with implementing new integrations. He started at IBM 3 years ago as part of the Watson/Cognos Analytics team where he acted as a technical and operational expert for the end-to-end process for full resolution of concerns discovered within the product. Meswan graduated from Lassonde School of Engineering-York University in 2015 and he currently enjoys being the gate keeper of Voice Agent with Watson. 
Topic Meswan and Philip will teach you how you can build a workspace in Watson Assistant and how you can change Voice Agent configurations via Watson Assistant.