Important Dates

Acceptance Notification
18 Sep 2017

Final Content Due
16 Oct 2017

The Technology Expo at CASCON 2017 will provide an excellent opportunity to highlight your research results and generate interest in upcoming product and product areas. Exhibits on emerging technologies are encouraged. The format of an exhibit may be a demonstration, poster presentation, or a short talk. A booth is provided at no cost to the exhibitors. Each demonstration booth will be set up with power and wireless internet access. Exhibitors are responsible for bringing the necessary equipment such as machines, laptops, monitors, power cables, and security locks; and any printed materials including posters.

Click here to download Call for Exhibits


Expo proposals can be submitted through the CASCON 2017 website.

Evaluation Criteria

Each expo proposal will be reviewed and evaluated by the CASCON 2017 Technology Expo committee. Acceptance will be based on an evaluation of the exhibit's potential for generating useful results, the timeliness and expected interest in the topic, and the authors' ability and availability to present the exhibit during the Expo.