Student of the Year

Student of the Year

Steven Astorino, Artem Chikin, Marcellus Mindel

Award Winner: Artem Chikin, University of Alberta

Artem is a brilliant researcher whose automatic transformation algorithm has improved the execution speed of loop nests by two orders of magnitude, resulting in a 2.3x overall improvement in benchmarks running on the world's fastest computer. He has gone above and beyond his Master's responsibilities by mentoring undergraduate students and guiding other researchers to extend his work. He has developed high quality prototypes that accelerated productization, and generated two patents and three publications so far.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Mona Nashaat Ali Elmowafy, University of Alberta
  • Qian Cui, University of Ottawa
  • Lucas Dutton, McMaster University
  • Panagiotis Patros, University of New Brunswick
  • James You, McMaster University

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