Project of the Year

Project of the Year

Steven Astorino, Tanya Bouman, Lucas Dutton, Dr. Robert F. Enenkel, Professor Christopher Anand, Adele Olejarz, Yumna Irfan, Wang Chen, Marcellus Mindel
(Other winner(s): Curtis D'Alves, Yusra Irfan, Professor Wolfram Kahl, Jinsong Ji, Marcel Mitran)

Research Team:
Curtis D'Alves, Ph.D., candidate, McMaster University
Tanya Bouman, M.Sc., candidate, McMaster University
Lucas Dutton, Yumna Irfan, Yusra Irfan, Adele Olejarz, B.Sc. candidates, McMaster University
Professor Christopher Anand, McMaster University
Professor Wolfram Kahl, McMaster University
Dr. Robert F. Enenkel, Compilers/Numerical Computing, IBM Systems
Jinsong Ji, XL C/C++/Fortran Compiler Development, IBM Systems
Wang Chen, Senior Manager, IBM Compiler Development, IBM Systems
Marcel Mitran, Distinguished Engineer, CTO LinuxONE, IBM Systems

CAS Project # 1006 - Exploring Approximation Algorithms for Instruction Scheduling

This project best exemplifies the IBM Center for Advanced Studies mission, by delivering excellence in applied research, exposing IBM development teams to new and emerging technologies, and transferring results into commercial products.

This project is recognized for its outstanding contributions to the world class performance of IBM mathematical libraries for z13, z14, zLinux and POWER9 MASS. The research team created an integrated hardware and software solution that significantly speeds up the computation of elementary functions which are pervasive in business analytics, deep learning and cryptographic applications. The patented technology arising from this project will impact future generations of IBM processors.

Honorable Mentions:

  • 917 - Investigating Loop Transformations to Improve Performance of Applications in Heterogeneous High-Performance Computing Machines
    Prof. J. Nelson Amaral & Mr. Ettore Tiotto
  • 1004 - Multi Goal Driven Self Adaptation for Micro-Service Platforms
    Prof. Marin Litoiu & Radu Mateescu
  • 1030 - Cognitive Business Operations made easy speeding up adoption of Cognitive Advisors into business applications through an integrated user engagement model
    Prof. Eric Yu & Mr. Allen Chan
  • 1059 - Cyberattacks Countermeasures and Prevention
    Prof. Guy-Vincent Jourdan & Jason Flood

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