Expo People's Choice Exhibit

People's Choice of Awards

Kenneth Kent, Diana Lau, Janny Hou, Biniam Admikew, Robert Enenkel
(Other winner: Taranveer Virk)

REST APIs with LoopBack 4 and OpenAPI 3
by: Taranveer Virk , Diana Lau , Biniam Admikew , Janny Hou

REST APIs power web applications, mobile applications, IoT devices & more. LoopBack 4 is an API creation framework that has been rewritten from the ground up and features a new programming interface, OpenAPI support, Dependency Injection, a new CLI and so much more. LoopBack makes it easy to create powerful OpenAPI 3.x (an industry standard) compliant REST APIs in minutes. It supports connecting to multiple SQL and NoSQL databases. Poster will show how to get started in minutes with LoopBack 4.

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