Project of the Year

Project of the Year

Tanya Woods, Professor Guy-Vincent Jourdan, Sophie Le Page, Qian Cui, Prof. Gregor von Bochmann, Dr. Iosif Viorel Onut, Marcellus Mindel

CAS Project 921 - Proactive Phishing Detection

Research Team:
Qian Cui, Ph.D., candidate, University of Ottawa
Sophie Le Page, M.Sc., candidate, University of Ottawa
Professor Guy-Vincent Jourdan, University of Ottawa
Professor Gregor von Bochmann, University of Ottawa
Dr. Iosif Viorel Onut, IBM Center for Advanced Studies
Dr. Russell L. Couturier, CTO, IBM Forensics

This project best exemplifies the IBM CAS mission, by delivering excellence in applied research, exposing IBM development teams to new and emerging technologies, and transferring results into commercial products. In appreciation of outstanding contributions to phishing detection and cyber security that have enhanced IBM Security product capabilities, and delivered important benefits to IBM customers, partners, and law enforcement agencies.

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