Cognitive Computing and Cyber-Physical Systems

26th Annual International Conference

on Computer Science

and Software Engineering

October 31 - November 2

Hilton Toronto / Markham Suites Conference Center and Spa

Centre for Advanced Studies Conference

CASCON is a premier industrial and academic conference in computer science and software engineering sponsored by IBM Canada Lab Centre for Advanced Studies. Each year CASCON hosts an event for 1000+ developers, researchers, innovators, technologists and decision makers from academia, as well as industry, and government who come together to discover technology trends, share knowledge, collaborate, write grant proposals, participate in workshops, present papers, exhibit prototypes and showcase products. The CASCON program features thought provoking keynotes, original research and emerging topics papers, stimulating workshops, and its famous CASCON Expo.

Cognitive Computing and Cyber-Physical Systems

The 2016 conference theme will be Cognitive Computing and Cyber-Physical Systems. The impacts of integrating capabilities of cognitive and cyber-physical systems are enormous! Virtually every engineered system is affected by capability advances in these areas that augment our physical world. Topics include position papers as well as workshops and exhibit proposals in the broad areas of computer science, software engineering, software applications and data science as well as in more generally areas such as:

Applications included involve (but are not limited to):

Products included involve (but are not limited to):

Expo (Technology Showcase)

Interactively explore diverse exhibits of research interests, technologies, joint projects, and collaboration opportunities.


Present, discuss, and debate ideas, challenges, emerging technologies and project directions. Interdisciplinary workshops are particularly encouraged.

Technical Papers

Technical papers are original research papers of at most 10 pages. Position papers share visions, highlight technology gaps, or discuss emerging advances and should be at most 6 pages. CASCON will not accept submissions that have been previously published, are in press, or have been submitted elsewhere. Accepted technical papers appear in the conference proceedings published by CASCON and are included in the ACM Digital Library.

Best Paper Awards

CASCON recognizes the best technical contributions of the event in terms of originality, clarity, and potential impact with two awards: Best Paper and Best Student Paper. To be eligible for the Best Student Paper award, a student must have primarily authored the paper, and student(s) at the time must have done the work described; only the student author(s) receive this award.

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