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Sustainable Watershed Integrated Management Project (SWIM)

In collaboration with the University of Calgary


Sustainable Watershed Integrated Management Project (SWIM)

In collaboration with the University of Calgary, the Sustainable Watershed Integrated Management (SWIM) project pools together data from multiple sources – sensors, scientists, and citizens – to create an accessible information reservoir that enhances watershed education, science, policy, and management across Canada. Apprentice Garage contributors are currently focusing on user experience, data integration, and technical challenges on the SWIM platform.

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Met with the director of the SWIM platform to discuss major pain points and opportunities for improvement.

Ideation, Design Thinking, and Solutions

Participated in an Enterprise Design Thinking (EDT) session to identify users through a Stakeholder Map, narrow down pain points, and build How Might We statements.

Playback, Feedback, and Modification

Presented a playback to the IBM Advanced Studies team to discuss progress and get feedback, and developed Hill statements to present to the client that reflect user outcomes. Edited Hill statements and project goals based on feedback from the team and client.


Re-designed wireframes for SWIM on a different website building platform, researched integration and migration features, and gathered use case scenarios.


Designed and partially developed a minimum viable product, featuring the SWIM platform on a more user friendly website with use cases, improved data integration, SEO, user access, and maintainability.


Madeline Cribb

Mark Villar

Michael Caira

Shila Rahman

Ruqhia Forzaan

Lawrence Luo


Aysha Anwar

Devinder Sarai

Dollar Luo

Emily Gauvreau

Gursehaj Harika

Ryan Wong

Kaman Au

Kevin Yu