Research Fellowships

Research Fellowship Projects are CAS sponsored graduate student projects supervised by their professors who are CAS faculty members. These projects are conducted collaboratively with IBM Software Group and are regularly reviewed by IBM Software Group technical stakeholders.

Visiting Scientists, Faculty Fellows, and Sabbaticals

Researchers working on CAS projects are invited to spend time with us on site at IBM, from one day a week to a few weeks or months at a time. Some university researchers have elected to spend their sabbatical leaves at CAS, finding that it offers a unique opportunity to match theory with industrial practice.

Strategic Research

Strategic Research Grants are awarded to selected CAS faculty members in order to enable collaborative research of an emerging scope and exploratory nature that is of mutual interests and benefits.

University Day Workshops

University Day Workshops are interim mini-conferences for CAS faculty members and IBM technical leaders to collaborate, meet and brainstorm new research agendas and innovative opportunities in the research fields, as well as to identify commercialization opportunities significant to CAS and IBM.


Since 1991, CASCON has been a premiere computer science, software engineering and academic conference. It is an innovative forum for researchers and technologists from academia, industry and government to share knowledge, form research collaborations and present original work from the latest technology advancements. The conference includes keynote presentations, technical papers, workshops and a technology showcase on the latest research ideas and results in the industry. CASCON proceedings are available in the ACM Digital Library.

Visit the CASCON website by clicking here.

CAS - IBM Canada Lab
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CAS research project made headline at University of Ottawa. : A winning collaboration

In 1990, IBM created the first Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS) in IBM Toronto Laboratory in Canada. Through collaborations with researchers from academic institutions, IBM researchers and technologists, we produce fruitful research outcome, expressed in terms of impactful publications and patent filings. Headed by Marcellus Mindel, CAS focuses on partnership with academia, industry, government and our clients, helps to realize stories that matter for people, business, technology and society. CAS program portfolio includes the following:

  • Research Fellowship Projects
  • Visiting Scientists, Faculty Fellows & Sabbaticals
  • Strategic Research Grants
  • University Day Workshops

IBM Canada CAS is focused on the following technologies and capabilities themes and three integrated solutions: Click Here

Technology Incubation Lab

CAS's Technology Incubation Laboratory (TIL), birthed since August 2008, has been pivotal in harvesting the fruitful research outcomes in publications and patents into software engineering implementations. The mission of TIL is to transfer advanced research into strategic product solutions for IBM. CAS's commercialization model resulted in the birth of a CAS led new product offering in 2010, which is the first IBM Software Group product offering in cloud infrastructure. More products have been released in the following years as more research results are harvested under the CAS's commercialization model.
To find out more about Technology Incubation Lab projects, send us an email at

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8200 Warden Avenue, Markham, Ontario, Canada L6G 1C7