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Online/Virtual with Brock University

Student Data Analytics Competition

IBM CAS Canada x Brock University Goodman DASA



The IBM CAS Canada team in collaboration with the IBM Cognos Analytics Offering team, Niagara Economic Development and Brock University's Goodman DASA team were able organize, facilitate, and sponsor a 2 weeklong Data Analytics competition for 50 undergraduate and graduate students from Brock University. The aim of this competition was to better educate and train students in solving real-world problems from an professional industry partner utilizing their gained knowledge in IBM Cognos Analytics.

Participating Organizations:

IBM Canada Advanced Studies
Brock University


Data_Analytics  Cognos_Analytics 

On the competition day student teams were able to present their findings to a panel of judges made up of Brock University professors, IBMers, and a Niagara Economic Development Representative. After 2 weeks of intensive utilization of the Cognos Analytics Platform as well as the breakdown of a data set provided by Niagara Economic Development to curate some valuable insights with the aim to solve a specific given problem.

Through this process students gained valuable skills in the field of Data Analytics, were able to discuss their findings and receive feedback directly from subject matter experts, and if shown exemplary work were awarded winning prizes.