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Online/Virtual with Brock University

Data Visualization - Dashboarding, Data Modules, Report Authoring Workshop

IBM CAS Canada x Brock University Goodman DASA



The IBM CAS Canada team in collaboration with Brock University's Goodman DASA team were able to organize and facilitate a two week long workshop series for 50 undergraduate, and graduate students. During this workshop students delved further into understanding the services and tools offered by the IBM Cognos Analytics platform and were able to learn its utilization through a live example.

Participating Organizations:

IBM Canada Advanced Studies
Brock University


Data_Visualization  Cognos_Analytics 

As you author your visualization and edit the visualization properties, IBM Cognos Analytics - Reporting provides you with a preview of your visualization, using simulated data. This allows you to view your style changes without running your report. You need to run your report to see the visualization with your actual data.

During this session students further explored the services and tools available through IBM Cognos Analytics, to visualize their manipulated datasets, and display their desired outcomes.