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Online/Virtual with Brock University

Enterprise Design Thinking Workshop

IBM CAS Canada x Brock University Goodman DASA



The IBM CAS Canada team in collaboration with Brock University's Goodman DASA team were able to organize and facilitate a two week long workshop series for 50 undergraduate, and graduate students. During this workshop students were exposed to IBM Enterprise Design Thinking and were taken through a process of breaking down a given problem. This was in efforts to help them better understanding of the underlying processes and mindset when approaching any problem utilizing a user-center focused approach.

Participating Organizations:

IBM Canada Advanced Studies
Brock University



IBM Design Thinking is a scalable framework to help teams understand and deliver - continuously. You begin by making a conscious commitment, as a team, to prioritize your users over other, sometimes competing, business concerns. To move fast, you put in place a well-rounded, multidiscipline team. This is essential to move faster and work smarter in service of your users. When empowered whole teams can reject or commit to ideas in real-time, possibilities become reality. And fin ally, you con sider that everything is a prototype. Everything. This means your daily work artifacts and released, user-facing solutions. You restlessly reinvent, always keeping your focus on users' needs and the ever-changing technological landscape as an opportunity to re-thin k how a problem can be solved.

The heart of IBM Design Thinking is a set of behaviors focused on discovering users' needs and envisioning a better future. We call it the Loop. The Loop is a continuous cycle of observing, reflecting, and making. Through this workshop students were taken through all the necessary steps to better understand any problem that that are tasked with solving, as well as, to better discover their users' needs.