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Waston Studio Dashboarding (Tweet Analysis Workshop)

IBM CAS x Brock DASA Workshop Series 1 of 4 - Waston Studio Dashboarding (Tweet Analysis Workshop)



This tutorial walked students from Brock University's Goodman DASA group through the steps to create elegant, interactive dashboards and infographics on Watson Studio.

Over the course of this workshop, students learned how to create an end-to-end machine learning project on IBM Cloud and go through data preparation using Jupyter notebooks in IBM Watson Studio. Then students moved on to data analysis using the Watson Discovery service. After, for further refinement and modelling they used Watson Knowledge Studio. Finally, the data visualization was completed using the dashboard tool in Watson Studio. Through this workshop, students utilized these services with the goal of mapping all workplace related issues found from Twitter on a world map.

Participating Organizations:

IBM Canada Advanced Studies
Brock University's Goodman DASA


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