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DITA Hackathon - Watson Studio's AutoAI & OpenScale Workshop

Learning how to create, deploy, test and optimize a predictive machine learning model



The IBM Center of Advanced Studies and York University's DITA came together to bring undergraduate and graduate students an Virtual Workshop Series!

For this workshop, we introduced participants to the process of building a predictive machine learning model, deploying the generated model as an API to be used in applications and testing the model. You will also learn how to create a Python function to wrap the deployed model using a notebook, all of this happening in an integrated and unified self-service experience on IBM Cloud. You will then monitor the deployed function (using a notebook) with IBM Watson OpenScale.

The data sets used for this workshop specifically allowed us to differentiate between three different types of Iris flower species, using our predictive machine learning model.

Participating Organizations:

IBM Canada Advanced Studies
York University


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