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Faculty Fellow of the Year
Hausi Müller, University of Victoria

Hausi exemplifies the mission of the IBM Center for Advanced Studies. His enthusiastic scientific and technical advocacy has tirelessly shaped, sustained and renewed CAS over the three decades from its inception until today. He has made vital contributions too numerous to mention, and his current involvement is as transformative, energetic and impactful as ever. Recently, Hausi has shifted his research focus to quantum computing, and has already established himself as a leader in this space. His deep engagement with the IBM Quantum team is elevating Canadian research globally, and he works very hard to disseminate this knowledge and passion widely, for example, through his involvement with CASCON and other conferences.

Faculty Fellow of the Year
Steven Astorino,  Sep Seyedi,  Hausi Müller,  Marcellus Mindel

Honourable Mentions:
Professor Karim Ali
University of Alberta
Professor James Green
Carleton University
Professor Kostas Kontogiannis
Western University
Professor Marin Litoiu
York University
Professor Stephen Mackay
University of New Brunswick
Professor Eric Yu
University of Toronto