Faculty Fellow of the Year

Faculty Fellow of the Year

Marcellus Mindel, Dr. Christopher Anand, Nora Young

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Award Winner: Dr. Christopher Anand, McMaster University

In his work with IBM CAS, Professor Christopher Anand exemplifies the mission of CAS Research. Professor Anand has been associated with CAS since 2005, with seven CAS projects and has a productive record of research in the IBM strategic areas of high-performance mathematical libraries, languages/compilers, and processor architecture. He has developed algorithms and implementations for six IBM mathematical library products: Cell/B.E. MASS, POWER7 and POWER8 MASS, Blue Gene/Q MASS, z13 MASS, and z13 ATLAS, providing world-class performance. In particular, z13 MASS and ATLAS were explicitly featured in the New York launch ceremony for the z13 mainframe. He has also worked with us to introduce instruction proposals into the POWER10/11 hardware architecture discussions, and helped IBM team tune POWER9 MASS.

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