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IBM and Mila AI Institute Advance Artificial Intelligence

IBM Canada and the Québec Artificial Intelligence Institute, Mila, recently announced a collaboration to accelerate AI and machine learning workflows. This collaboration highlights the work IBM Canada Lab is doing to advance a key component of deep learning models known as hyperparameter optimization and to improve open source AI tools for data science researchers.

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On behalf of IBM Canada Advanced Studies and Evoke Canada, thank you to our conference speakers, exhibitors, session chairs, workshop chairs, and networking hosts for cultivating a technically rich and expansive agenda. Thank you to Suit & Tie and our Zumba, fitness and yoga instructors for bringing us laughs and at-home family fun.

Thank you to members of our Organizing Committee, Steering Committee, Program Committee, MIP Selection Committee, the Virtual Platform Team, and the Volunteer Team for coming together to help plan, host and deliver the conference.


Nov. 10 - 13, 2020

Conference proceeding published to ACM

The theme of CASCON X EVOKE 2020 is VISION, UNITY, INNOVATION. This year we received a total of 65 technical paper submissions. Each paper was rigorously reviewed by at least three members of the Program Committee. In the end, the Program Committee members decided to accept 26 papers. Check out our 2020 conference proceedings!

Advancing Innovation

Collaboration is the key to our success

We help IBM product teams engage with students and faculty in joint academic-industry projects that promote innovation within IBM's offerings and in published academic research.

We currently have 60 joint academic-industry research projects associated with 105 IBM products, and involving 124 IBMers, 60 faculty and 129 students . In advancing the thesis research of each student, these projects generate publications, patents and IBM product contributions.

Every year, IBM Canada Advanced Studies recognizes the most outstanding research projects that exemplify drive for innovation, collaboration and forward thinking research.
These awards at presented at our annual CASCON x EVOKE academic tech conference—a space to engage and learn with a community of software developers, researchers, students, academics, decision-makers and IBMers.