IBM Security Master Skills University

November 5-9, 2018

London, United Kingdom

IBM BigFix

The BigFix track provides a unique deep dive education experience including the latest product updates, labs, and interactive discussions on best practices , delivered by IBM BigFix subject matter experts. This class provides the experienced BigFix user with an opportunity to sit with their peers and experience expert level knowledge from the people who build, deploy and support BigFix every day. Come and learn about functionality you may not be taking advantage of, share tips and best practices, network with your peers, and gain the insights needed to achieve your 2018 goals.


  • ActionScript Primer
  • Advanced Troubleshooting
  • BigFix Agent In Depth
  • BigFix Architecture In Depth
  • BigFix Compliance In Depth
  • BigFix Inventory In Depth
  • BigFix Lifecycle In Depth
  • Software Distribution In Depth
  • Operating System Deployment In Depth
  • Remote Control In Depth
  • BigFix Tuning, Tips and Tricks
  • Health Checks
  • Real World Fixlet Creation for real world problems
  • Roadmap and Beyond!
  • WebUI Overview and Labs
  • Windows and Linux Patching deep dive


The target audience for the BigFix track are BigFix customers who have used the product for several years, clients who have attended a previous BigFix Proof of Technologies, Official BigFix Classroom led training, or one of our BigFix Regional Relevance Training and asked for more advanced training, or any partners who are very advanced and have used and/or sold the product for several years.