IBM Security Master Skills University

November 5-9, 2018

London, United Kingdom

IBM Guardium

The Guardium track provides a unique deep dive education experience, delivered by IBM subject matter experts. This is not intended as an introductory class. It will provide the experienced Guardium user with an opportunity to sit with their peers and experience expert level knowledge transfer from the people who build, deploy and support Guardium every day. Come and learn about functionality you may not be taking advantage of today, share hints, tips and best practices, and network with your peers.


  • Architecture including agent deployment options and Load Balancing
  • Policy Management
  • Custom Queries and Reports
  • Custom Tables and Custom Domains
  • System View and Data Management
  • Risk Based approach
  • Analytics, GDPR
  • Troubleshooting, Performance, Tuning and Lessons Learned


The target audience for the Guardium track is experienced Guardium security professionals (e.g. analysts, admins, architects, engineers) who have used the product for several years and desire more advanced training. There will be no introductory tracks, or training focused on items covered in our traditional documentation.