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Capital Hilton, Washington D.C. | August 30-31, 2016

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IBM i2 Summit?

Hear directly from experts who are using all forms of data, including “dark data,” to outthink threats.

Learn how to adopt innovative and advanced intelligence analysis solutions; outthink physical, fraudulent and cyber threats; and optimize emergency preparedness and response.


Collaborate with industry leaders, IBM executives and your peers to develop effective next steps that can help propel your investigative and crime prevention capabilities.


Experts will share their techniques for advancing strategic initiatives, achieving objectives and realizing positive near-term ROI.


Experience IBM’s i2 and Safer Planet solutions via more than 25 interactive labs modeling real-world scenarios for a truly interactive learning experience.

Speaker Spotlight

A few of the many speakers sharing their expertise at IBM i2 Summit 2016.

Frank W. Abagnale

Frank W. Abagnale

Acclaimed subject of the book, movie, and broadway play,Catch Me If You Can.

Matt Olsen

Matt Olsen

Former director of the National Counterterrorism Center

Ambassador Joseph De Trani

Ambassador Joseph De Trani

President, Daniel Morgan Academy

Past president of the Intelligence and National Security Alliance.

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Frank Abagnale is one of the world’s most respected authorities on forgery, embezzlement, and secure documents. For over 40 years he has worked with, advised, and consulted with hundreds of financial institutions, corporations and government agencies around the world. Mr. Abagnale’s rare blend of knowledge and expertise began more than 50 years ago when he was known as one of the world’s most famous con men. His riveting story provided the inspiration for Steven Spielberg’s 2002 film, Catch Me If You Can, starring Leonardo DeCaprio as Abagnale and Tom Hanks as the FBI agent fast on his heels. The Tony-Award winning musical, Catch Me If You Can, directed by the legendary Jack O’Brien, opened on Broadway at the Neil Simon Theatre in April of 2011.

"I chose to immortalize him on film because of what he’s done for the country for more than 30 years." -Steven Spielberg

Mr. Abagnale has been associated with the FBI for over 40 years. He lectures extensively at the FBI Academy and for the field offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He is a faculty member at the National Advocacy Center (NAC) which is operated by the Department of Justice, Executive Office for United States Attorneys. More than 14,000 financial institutions, corporations and law enforcement agencies use his fraud prevention programs. In 1998, he was selected as a distinguished member of “Pinnacle 400” by CNN Financial News - a select group of 400 people chosen on the basis of great accomplishment and success in their fields. In 2004 Mr. Abagnale was selected as the spokesperson for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA). He has also written numerous articles and books including The Art of the Steal, The Real U guide to identity Theft and Stealing Your Life.

"Abagnale’s lecture may be the best one-man show you will ever see." -Tom Hanks

As Mr. Abagnale refuses to accept payment for any of his government work, today, the majority of his income derives from consulting with major corporate clients such as LexisNexis, Intuit and Experian and his public speaking engagements. Mr. Abagnale has conducted over 3,000 seminars on identity theft, cyber crime and fraud worldwide. As a highly sought-after and provocative keynote speaker, he takes audiences on a hilarious and poignant journey of his time as a criminal being pursued, and speaks of his personal transformation. His is a true morality tale that takes the listener from the depths of despair to the triumph of personal redemption.

Matt Olsen has worked for more than two decades as a top government official on national security, intelligence and law enforcement issues.

Appointed by the President to serve as the Director of the National Counterterrorism Center, Olsen led the government's efforts to integrate and analyze terrorism information and coordinate counterterrorism activities for the past three years. Prior to joining NCTC, Mr. Olsen was the General Counsel for the National Security Agency.

Mr. Olsen also served at the Department of Justice in a number of leadership positions, where he was responsible for national security and criminal cases. For over a decade, Olsen served as a federal prosecutor. Mr. Olsen also was Special Counsel to the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Mr. Olsen is a president and co-founder of IronNet Cybersecurity, a technology firm based in Washington, D.C. In addition to his work with IronNet Cybersecurity, Mr. Olsen is a lecturer at Harvard Law School, a national security analyst for ABC News, and a strategic advisor to IBM i2.

Mr. Olsen graduated from the University of Virginia and Harvard Law School.

Ambassador Joseph R. DeTrani is the President of the Daniel Morgan Academy. Prior to joining the Academy, he served as the president of the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) for three years and now serves on their Board of Advisors.

Ambassador DeTrani was the Senior Advisor to the Director of National Intelligence and the Director of the National Counter Proliferation Center and the Intelligence Community Mission Manager for North Korea. Prior to joining the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in 2006, he served at the Department of State as the Special Envoy for Six-Party Talks with North Korea, with the rank of Ambassador, and as the U.S. Representative to the Korea Energy Development Organization (KEDO).

Before his service with the Department of State, Ambassador DeTrani had a distinguished career with the Central Intelligence Agency. As a member of the Senior Executive Service, his Washington assignments included leadership positions as the Director of East Asia Operations, Director for European Operations, Director of the Office of Technical Services, Director of Public Affairs, Director of the Crime and Narcotics Center and Executive Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence William Casey. Ambassador DeTrani spent a number of years overseas, primarily in East Asia and China and is fluent in Chinese (Mandarin) and proficient in French. He is the recipient of numerous awards, to include the Donovan Award, the Distinguished Intelligence Medal and the Commandant’s Award.

Ambassador DeTrani was an officer in the U.S. Air Force and is a graduate of New York University (NYU), where he received his Bachelor's Degree in Economics, and attended NYU School of Law and Graduate School of Business Administration. He received a Certificate in Chinese from the State Department Foreign Language School in Taiwan and attended Harvard’s International Security Program for executives.

Ambassador DeTrani a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the International Institute of Strategic Studies and has published numerous articles dealing with North Korea, China, Iran, Cyber espionage and non-proliferation issues.