Join us for breakfast & discover how you can benefit from:

  1. A single content pool and concurrent access, dramatically reducing the need to move large content files
  2. Seamless movement of content between local and multi-cloud storage for great cost efficiencies
  3. Efficient MAM and Media Workflows, increasing margin, profitability and competitive advantage
  4. Up to 98% storage capacity with no reduction in performance
  5. Avoiding hardware vendor lock-in and benefit from predictable consistent performance and pricing

8:30am Breakfast
9:00am Welcome: Driven by Data: Your Journey to AI, Multi-Cloud and Efficient Content Management, Dave Walsh, Director IBM Software Defined Storage, IBM UKI
9:10am Media Content Workflows: MAM in the Cloud, Dominic Stone, Broadcast Solutions, IBM UKI

    In this presentation attendees will learn:
  1. Cognitive Computing brings AI to content management, focussing on speech-to-text and facial recognition for content enrichment
  2. Reliable, scalable, secure storage must be a seamless combination of local and cloud; the Hybrid Cloud
  3. There is an increasing number of cloud based MAMs with traditional players and startups competing

9:40am Breaking free from vendor lock-in with Pixit Media and Spectrum Scale, Barry Evans, CTO & Co-Founder, Pixit Media

    In this presentation attendees will learn how:
  1. Facilities can drastically reduce their IT expenditure by leveraging the power of software-defined architectures
  2. Al-driven metadata analytics can help unlock new revenue streams for media and entertainment organizations
  3. Commodotised, IP-Based data transfer is enabling the consolidation of traditional fibre-channel infrastructure

10:10am Pixit Media PixStor Demo
10:20am High Performance IT with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Chris Middleton, IT Infrastructure Manager, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

    In this presentation attendees will learn how Aston Martin Red Bull Racing process huge volumes of data and gained
  1. 30% boost in workflow throughput
  2. 30% reduction in data access times, enabling faster insight for real-time decisions

10.50am Refreshments
11:15am Close