Re-invent the way your business delivers
Explore firsthand how a Smarter Supply Chain enabled with AI and blockchain can provide real-time actionable insights to deepen connectivity, extend collaboration achieving  unprecedented visibility while driving new levels of trust
Join IBM's own Supply Chain and Operations Experts, fellow industry leaders, and customers who are transforming how they deliver.

At the event you will:
  • Learn how IKEA transformed itself into a multichannel leader.
  • Listen to  Husqvarna Group and how they explorer the benefits of Blockchain.
  • Meet Matthias Graefe, Director of Supply Chain Transformation at IBM who provides you  insights on how IBM re-invented our own supply chain with AI.
• Discover how leading companies are integration weather data to optimize operations.
  • Get hands-on experience with AI and Blockchain in Supply Chain.

The two days are designed for innovative leaders and professionals to understand and discuss how to enable a Smarter Supply Chain end to end.

We will kick off the event with an optional dinner on May 8th

The event is free of charge.

Goteborg, Sweden

Auktionsverket Kulturarena


Agenda May 9th

08:00 Registration and coffee
08:30 Opening – Welcome

The end to end supply chain of the future – your competive advantage.
Drive Visibilty and Manage Distruption in your Supply Chain

IBM's Journey to a Thinking Supply Chain - Mathias Grafe, Director of Supply Chain Transformation, IBM
Get a feel for it – Supply Chain Insights with Watson - Anthony Martenot, SME IBM
How working with the weather can help your end to end supply chain - Customer view point - IBM Weather /iX , Henrik Dalin
Blockchain in the Supply Chain

Building Your Blockchain Advantage - Create Value, Scale Fast, and Open New Markets - Paul Klick, IBM Blockchain Leader Nordics
Exploring the Benefits of Blockchain with Husqvarna group - Sinziana Manitiu, Director Logistics and Sales Operations Planning, Husqvarna Group
Deliver the perfect order

IKEA - Transforming an Iconic Brick – and – Mortar into a Multichannel Leader - Björn Johansson, IKEA and Benedikt Furrer, IBM
It is more than inbound and outbound supply chain – it is about looking end to end delivering customer excellence
How OMS with AI capabilities can change the game in delivery and inventory management. Case Studies and how does it look like.
Connect and Collaborate in the Supply Chain

Engaging your partners in the Supply Chain
16:00 Wrapping up

How to get the next step in creating a Smarter Supply Chain.