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The future of your business rides on the architecture decisions you’re making today. Today, disruptors and incumbents alike are exploiting Cloud to create entirely new client experiences, adapt at speed, and reinvent industry business models.

To create an agile engine for growth, those at the forefront are challenging single cloud approaches, in favour of Hybrid Cloud architectures that provide freedom to access the latest technologies and data from any source – from analytics, AI, and blockchain, to weather, social and ecosystem data. They are building and modernizing apps using cloud-native design on the right fit cloud model for each unique workload. All without sacrificing visibility and control across their multi-vendor clouds and IT.

Join us on June 20th to hear IBM technology experts as they discuss real-world examples of enterprises embracing the power and flexibility of one architecture for Hybrid Cloud -- tuned to their business.

Use public cloud to solve real-world problems
Exceed your customer’s expectations and make your employees more impactful by pulling more meaning from data and leveraging AI to expand and transform your business.
Harness private cloud to leverage the power of cloud behind the firewall
Get the advantages of public cloud behind your firewall for reliable, consistent performance with virtually unmatched scalability.
Innovate with multi-cloud Integrate and manage your cloud, regardless of your vendor.

The IBM Cloud advantage Attendees can schedule a follow on half-day consultation with an IBM certified Cloud Architect at no cost.

  • 07.30am
    Registration and Breakfast
  • 08.00am
    Introduction/Welcome - Head of Cloud Ireland
  • Market view of Hybrid Cloud - What we mean by Hybrid Cloud
  • IBM Cloud Private (ICp)
  • Why ICp in a hybrid world
  • Persona's and why ICp is relevant
  • Demonstration
  • 10.30am
    Wrap up - Head of Cloud Ireland