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Date: July 5, 2016

Start / End time: 09:30 - 17:00

Venue: IBM Hursley Lab, Hursley Park Road, Winchester SO21 2JN

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Registration & Coffee

Keynote Sessions:

Keynote WIUG
Auditorium (H019)


WebSphere Integration User Group (UK) Welcome

10:05 - 11:00

KEYNOTE: Digital transformation
Andy Humphreys, Hybrid Integration Offering Manager,
IBM Hursley Laboratory

11:00 Refreshment Break
Breakout Sessions: Integration
Auditorium (H019)

Heathcote (H002)

API Economy and Gateways
Cooper room (H015)
11:20 Client Presentation -DevOps & Integration
Paul Kirby (Nationwide)

Where is my Message?
Jon Rumsey (IBM Hursley)

API Economy and Common Use Cases
David Bell (IBM Hursley)
12:15 Lunch and Networking
Breakout Sessions: Hybrid Integration
Auditorium (H019)
Heathcote (H002)
API Economy & Gateways
Cooper room (H015)
Stag Room (H013)
Complimentary Topics & Technologies
Wedgewood Room (H008)
13:15 Application Integration Suite
Ben Thompson and Stephen Cocks(IBM Hursley)
What's new in IBM Messaging
David Ware (IBM Hursley)
PSD2 and the future of Banking APIs: get ahead of the competition with IBM API Connect
Carlo Marcolli & Tetti Pandelias (IBM)
IBM Bluemix Platform - Technical Overview
Matt Littlefield (IBM)
Keeping the show on the road - Application Performance Management (APM) and Predictive Insights
Angus Jamieson (IBM)
14:10 Movement Break
14:15 IIB and IIB on Cloud
Ben Thompson (IBM Hursley)
Hybrid Cloud Messaging
Andrew Schofield (IBM Hursley)
IBM DataPower Gateway
Hugh Everett (IBM)
Computers that understand, speak and apply policy. Myth or Reality?
Dan Selman (IBM)
IBM Blockchain
Matt Lucas (IBM)
15:10 Refreshment Break
15:30 IIB and Monitoring
Simon Stone & Sanjay Nagchowdhury (IBM Hursley)
IBM MQ Appliance
Anthony Beardsmore (IBM Hursley)
IBM API Connect - Deep Dive
Stephen Cocks (IBM Hursley)
Connect your applications now! Integration for people who don't do Integration (in Auditorium)
Mark Allman (IBM Hursley)
Automating environment and application deployment with IBM DevOps
Steve Arnold (IBM)


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