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Welcome – Discover Sales Performance Management
Discover Sales Performance Management (SPM), a critical solution to motivate and drive the right sales behaviors of your sales team. With SPM, you’re able to not only calculate accurate and trusted compensation – your sales team performance and productivity increases resulting in improved revenue and growth. Join Matt Blanchard, European Leader of ICM at IBM and Zach Burnett, Global Sales Leader, SPM at IBM as they kick-off the day in this interactive and lively discussion and discover how a Sales Performance Management solution can help your organization.

Matt Blanchard, European Leader of ICM, IBM
Zach Burnett, Global Sales Leader, SPM, IBM

Pitney Bowes power transactions that drive commerce
As a global organization, Pitney Bowes embarked on a business transformation to change its go-to-market strategy to a innovative data driven organisation. But where does IBM Sales Performance Management fit in to this?

With change comes uncertainty and a need to drive your corporate goals through your sales teams. SPM connected Pitney Bowes corporate goals to the incentives and compensation that drive their organisations sales behaviour. Owen Ravenscroft and Rob Trotter will take you through Pitney’s journey to globalise and standardise their offerings while driving value for their clients, and present how IBM Sales Performance Management continues to enable Pitney Bowes' to achieve operational excellence.

Owen Ravenscroft, Global Technical Compensation Manager, Pitney Bowes
Rob Trotter, Compensation Analyst, Pitney Bowes

Managing the unpredictability of sales compensation
As human beings, we are naturally creatures of habit. We like predictability and familiarity. And corporations, being human-built creations, are also an embodiment of this. Those of us working with sales compensation schemes pride ourselves on developing data-driven, logical solutions that provide some degree of predictability in terms of the impact of the programmes we design on behaviours, outcomes, and costs. But in reality we are endlessly dealing with a continual stream of unanticipated influences that weren’t built into our assumptions or models, and which result in unexpected – and unpredictable – outcomes. The customer that went into receivership, the plant that caught fire and couldn’t fulfil orders, newly erected trade barriers, the absolutely certain big deal that got delayed until the next year – the list goes on-and-on. This session will focus on practices and trends in how companies address – and in some cases simply live with – the unpredictability and uncertainty in sales compensation that inevitably exists in the messy ‘real world’ that we have to cope with.

Ron Burke, Global Practice Leader and Senior Director, Sales Effectiveness & Rewards, Willis Towers Watson

Plan - Measure - Manage: The SPM success cycle including gamification
According to a CSO Insights-Accenture study in 2017, 93 percent of companies close fewer sales than forecast. The measurable activities of your sales team have a cause-and-effect relationship of how we plan, manage and execute our overall sales performance and revenue.

In the spring of 2019, Gartner Research realigned the CRM Sales Technologies Key Initiatives to raise the importance of Sales Performance Management (SPM) technology. SPM includes incentive compensation, quota management and planning, territory management and planning, objective management, and analytics that allow for the understanding and perspective of large data volumes.

What is the impact on using a system such as this in conjunction with CRM, Sales Effectiveness, and Sales Enablement? How can this support or enhance the investments that an organization has already made? How do we apply our plans to measurable results that have higher adoption by the salesforce?

Paul Peters, Portfolio Offering Manager, SPM, IBM

Best practices and deployment considerations by Ian Torres, European Services Leader and IBM SPM customers
When deploying automated technology there are a number of things to consider. These include: How can success criteria be defined and tracked? What hapens when things change during an implementation? What aspects deserve more attention when preparing for a project? Have all stakeholders been considered? What are the best approaches to testing? How best to manage and communicate the upcoming changes?

Join Ian Torres and IBM ICM customers to explain their stories and what they would do differently if they went on this journey again.

Ian Torres, SPM Services Lead, Europe

Sales Performance in a changing sales world
Richard Higham, Director, SalesGlobe Europe draws together the threads of sales performance. He looks at the big picture of sales performance. He demonstrates the four drivers that explain how and why the world of sales is changing. He then explores three levers for sales performance - activity, concentration of effort and effectiveness. He asks questions about how sales compensation interacts with sales strategy and how it needs to reflect changing views on motivation. He concludes with reflections on the tensions between the science and art of sales; the human and the digital.

Richard Higham, Director, SalesGlobe Europe

"Ask Watson"
This demonstration will focus on how IBM ICM is using machine learning technology to have an impact on your business through Watson Inquiries. Watson Inquires is a new cognitive assistant within IBM ICM that can understand a sales person’s request and provide them a relevant answer, point them in the right direction, or route them to an admin.

In this session you will learn:
  • How IBM ICM is using machine learning
  • How ICM with Watson can impact your business
  • High level components of how:
    - Watson Assistant works
    - How it can be customized to your business
    - How IBM ICM can accelerate this process for you
  • How you can get involved to drive the IBM ICM and Watson experience
Moiz Muhammad, Offering Management, ICM, IBM

Discover the benefits of complimentary technology and services to IBM SPM:
Join IBM's partners in a number of round table sessions to explore the additional benefit that complimentary technologies and services can have to your automated sales compensation process. The sessions will include:

Closing Remarks
Matt Blanchard and Zach Burnett will close the event with some thought-provoking comments that you can consider and take back at the office. Sales Performance Management and Incentive Compensation Management can make a difference in your sales organization and performance.

Matt Blanchard, European Leader of ICM, IBM
Zach Burnett, Global Sales Leader, SPM, IBM