Just as systems and software engineering practices evolve to meet the demand of faster time to market, so must the discipline or requirements management. Requirements management is a continuous process of documenting, analyzing, tracing, prioritizing and agreeing on requirements while managing the complexity of change.

This IBM exclusive event gives you the unique opportunity to learn from IBM industry experts, industry leaders and your peers.

• How does traditional requirements management evolve as increasingly organizations move to agile?
• How does the requirements management practice evolve with increasing compliance mandates and tighter time to markets?
• What role does AI play in requirements management?

Attendees will learn the latest AI technologies and trends to empower their organization to drive their transformation for better, more effective requirements management with AI.

Come meet peers from the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE).

There is no charge to register and attend.

Schaumburg, United States

IBM Schaumburg
3rd Floor - Room 3066
10 North Martingale Rd
Schaumburg, Illinois
United States


9:00 AM INCOSE Systems Engineering Organization on Requirements Management/Artificial Intelligence - Russell Kubycheck of INCOSE
9:30 AM IBM Requirements Tools - Implementations and Benefits in Practice - Bob Parro II of River North Solutions
10:30 AM Requirements Management - Ed Gafron of IBM
11:15 PM Requirements Quality Assistant and Artificial Intelligence - Erin O'Connor of IBM
12:00 PM Lunch provided by IBM
1:00 PM Effective Requirements Reuse Using Global Configuration Management - Robert Parro III of River North Solutions
2:00 PM Open Lab and Discussion
4:00 PM Wrap up

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NOTICE TO ALL United States Federal (including Military), State & Local Government, Public Health and Public Education (including Post Secondary) employees.

This is an event where items of value will be available at no charge to attendees. In order to comply with all applicable gift and ethics rules, this event is not open to employees of the United States Federal (including Military), State & Local Government, Public Health and Public Education (including Post Secondary). Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.