Mark LaCour, Oil & Gas Industry Expert and Podcaster

Mark LaCour

Mark will share his predictions for the industry and make clear
connections between the future of oil and gas and
the role of data science and emerging technology.

Tracey Solomons, Associate Partner, Big Data and Analytics, IBM Services

Tracey Solomons

Tracey will lead a deep dive discussion on AI and subsurface reservoir management.  She will share a recent oil and gas client case study, followed by Q&A.

Jeremiah Woodford, Global Sales Leader MRO Inventory Optimization, IBM Services

Jeremiah Woodford

Jeremiah will share an oil and gas case study showing how inventory optimization can help you reduce downtime and costs

Al Worden, Retired Astronaut and Engineer, Apollo 15 Command Module Pilott

Al Worden

As command module pilot for the Apollo 15 mission to the moon in 1971, Al Worden flew on what is widely
regarded as the greatest exploration mission that humans have ever attempted. Learn about his strategies
to harness creativity and motivate teams to achieve lofty goals.

E. G. Nadhan, Chief Architect and Strategist, North America, Red Hat , Red Hat

E. G. Nadhan

E.G. will teach how modern, open architectures help oil and gas providers improve productivity, attract new customers and provide entry into markets