Think of a crew team and the attributes that separate the winners from losers. The winners demonstrate a unified purpose, synchronicity, communication, and are aided by disciple along with the best possible technology.

·How do you as the program’s coach ensure that each boat’s coxswain is propelling their team with the highest degree of effectiveness and efficiency so that you win the regatta?
·Metaphorically how do you ensure that your teams are cutting through the (water’s) resistance with minimal effort and maximum efficiency and effectiveness to avoid fatigue? Remember there is another regatta next week?

Please join IBM for a morning session at Hamilton Square to hear about practices and technologies that create high-performing software delivery teams. Don’t come alone. Bring your crew: strategy team, the PMO, line of business leaders. Bring your delivery leaders as well and they’ll be able to try-out the underlying software solution.

IBM’s framework will
· Guide you in the decision-making process to ensure prioritization of that which is most meaningful
· Ensure that your TEAMS are coordinated
· Deliver what is wanted, frequently and consistently
· Allow you to make decisions based on real-time data, data which are equally "audit-ready."
· Ensure that your distributed team teams are integrated and aligned on delivering value
· Generate insights and reports for constituents such as finance and audit

Washington, D.C., United States

Forum Room (2nd Floor)- Cognitive Center for Government, IBM
600 14th Street, NW, Hamilton Square
Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C.
United States

The entrance to the building is on 14th Street between the Hamilton and MXDC restaurants. The lobby is currently under construction. Upon entering the building, walk towards the security guard who is sitting behind a temporary white structure on the left. The guard will badge you into the elevators and send you to the 2nd floor. Use the double glass doors to enter.


8:30 am Arrival & Registration
9:00 am Welcome & Session Kick-off- Application Modernization & Effective Software Delivery- Job Theory
9:15 am The Quality Metric: Delivering on the Contract
10:00 am The Role and Limitations of Technology in Creating the Hyper-Efficient Development/ Delivery Organization
10:45 am Technical Fly Over: Create the Agile Enterprise with IBM's Application Development Tools and Templates
11:30 am Roadmap & ROI: Creating Business Value
12:00 pm Wrap-Up and Round-table Discussion