Winning with Machine Learning
Monetizing the data behind your firewall

With the exponential growth in data, 80% of which is unstructured, the business benefit of using machine learning to seek out opportunities is massive. Amongst a survey of large companies, 76% indicated they are targeting higher sales growth with machine learning.

Join us to learn how organizations can take machine learning out of the laboratory and into wide-scale, commercial use so that continuous intelligence can be applied throughout the enterprise. We will share some practical tips on how to get started with machine learning as well as IBM’s plans to use machine learning to infuse cognitive capabilities across our private cloud data and analytics portfolio to unlock the value of the data behind your firewall.

There will be two specific tracks covered on the day, one will focus on the area of Data Management and the second will focus on Data Analytics.

For a more detailed description on each of these tracks please click here Detailed track sessions

New York, United States

Omni Berkshire Place
21 East 52nd Street
New York, NY 10022
United States


10.00am Welcome and Introductions
10.15am Keynote Address:
Winning with Machine Learning
Remy Mandon, IBM VP, Data Repositories, Integration, Governance
10.45am Session One:
Data Management Track: Utilizing Spark to Hadoop to Fire up Innovation or
Data Analytics Track: Introduction to Machine Learning for IT Executives.
11.30am Session Two:
Data Management Track: Diversify Your Applications, Not Your Databases or
Data Analytics Track: Data Science Convergence.
12.15pm Networking Lunch
13.30pm Session Three:
Data Management Track: Tackling Data Compliance & Better Insights with a Unified Governance Approach or
Data Analytics Track: Unleashing Apache Spark and Machine Learning on the Data Warehouse.
14.15pm End