Why Attend

Digital transformation is not just an IT conversation, it’s about competitive advantage. Migrating core functions to the cloud now has be a business imperative for financial services institutions. While the low-hanging fruit like office and CRM platforms have already transitioned, the tough work lies ahead. Daunting? Yes. Necessary. You bet - 63% of digital bank customers are "extremely satisfied" with their bank compared to 27% of regional banks.  Line of business and IT executives need to collaborate to help their companies keep pace with the digital upstarts and industry leaders that are already cloud complete.

Join this half-day session for a peer-to-peer, business outcome focused discussion on the benefits of moving to cloud such as:
  • Reduction in IT related costs
  • Improved agility and time to market and better user experience
  • Unlocking new revenue and improving customer service experience
  • Cost optimization from reduced total cost of ownership.