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Date October 10, 2013
Time - 08:30 - 17:30
Address IBM Client Center Brussels, Bourgetlaan 42, 1130 Brussel
Language - English

Welcome to IBM Rational Innovate 2013. This event is designed to help you gain a clear insight into the critical role of Application Development and Systems Engineering for your organization.

Top five reasons to attend

  1. Get insights into technology & trends
  2. Hear from customer experiences with Rational solutions
  3. Discover the latest product & solution evolutions
  4. Connect with product experts & business partner and experienced customers
  5. Get hands-on in our Open lab


Find out an expanded set of tracks on the key trends impacting Application Development and Systems Engineering teams.


Scale agile in your organization beyond a few teams

The biggest challenge to Agile in the Enterprise is scaling agile beyond a few teams. Even if you are able to adopt agile with your Development teams, can operations or the business keep pace? Can you improve your efficiency by removing the overhead and waste associated with waterfall governance and status reporting? Today, agile practices are being adopted in virtually every industry to deliver software-driven innovations, from mobile applications to safety-critical medical devices. Leveraging agile has proven to provide organizations with a competitive edge, allowing these organizations to deliver products faster and with higher quality. IBM Rational’s application development solutions help you maximize the return on your mobile technology, web, and other middleware investments, equipping your team to respond with agility and effectiveness to rapidly evolving business objectives. Sessions in this track will explore agile, traditional and hybrid methods for end-to-end design, development, testing and deployment of software for professionals building enterprise web applications, building apps for mobile platforms, delivering applications to the Cloud or integrating software across multi-platform systems to create new systems-of-systems.


Now is the time for collaborative DevOps

To realize the full competitive and economic benefits from IT investments, technology leaders are implementing bold strategies like collaborative DevOps to both improve the quality and accelerate the delivery of innovative applications and services. Sessions in this track will address best practices for aligning development and operations, including collaboration and communication strategy, process integration and automation, ‘pre-release to production’ application performance optimization, cooperative problem lifecycle management and the use of Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) for tool integration.


Enter the era of customer engagement

Interested in transforming business via mobile? You are not alone. As mobile usage continues to grow worldwide, developing five-star mobile applications is becoming increasingly important for businesses motivated to interact with their customers and employees via mobile. Although some aspects of mobile application development are the same as that of traditional software, mobile development and delivery have many unique challenges. Sessions in this track focus on the value of comprehensive team-based mobile development lifecycle solutions that help ensure that applications are delivered on-time with high quality and meet business objectives.

Enterprise Modernization

Leverage your legacy investment to the most

Is your organization challenged to find enterprise development solutions that enable you to act nimbly? Do you use tools that allow multi-platform developers to flow easily from task to task while working on a complex mix of applications? The IBM enterprise modernization approach is one of continuous improvement that enables you to revitalize applications, leverage existing skills and attract new talent, unify teams and optimize your infrastructure—all with the goal of helping you make breakthroughs in IT productivity, efficiency, and innovation. Sessions in this track will showcase the latest tools and compilers from IBM as well as success stories and best practices from our customers and partners covering application discovery, analysis, multi-platform development and test, application deployment, and lifecycle management.

Systems Engineering

Accelerate innovation and obtain competitive advantage

Systems engineering is the key to driving innovation in the product development process, helping organizations deliver smarter products by enabling collaboration and integration across the product lifecycle. Successful products and systems result from precise requirements that are traced throughout the development process, from insights revealed by architecture and behavior modeling, from collaboration among multiple teams and engineering disciplines, and from quality metrics tracked and enforced throughout development. Sessions in this track focus on leveraging the discipline of systems engineering to successfully manage innovation of software-intensive products, product lines, and systems.

Strategic Planning

Reduce waste and increase business value

Enterprise architecture, portfolio, demand and delivery management helps companies reduce waste and increase business value by managing the end-to-end lifecycle. In today’s marketplace and business climate, organizations need to ensure that they “do the right things” and “do things right”, focusing on activities where they will gain the most value, within the boundaries of organizational strategy and business objectives. Along with enterprise architecture, portfolio, demand and delivery management as discrete topics, sessions in this track will also showcase the latest techniques for managing IT from strategy to delivery in order to resolve more complex IT challenges, including, for example, application portfolio management. Sessions will focus on best practices and real-life experiences to capture the voice of the customer, ideas, requirements, projects and more, and then bring this forward to prioritize, evaluate, compare, visualize and plan for optimized portfolios supporting business needs.

Continuous Testing

Achieve high quality with test Automation & virtualization the smart way

Many companies have realized that delivering higher quality software requires a collaborative and optimized quality management process integrated with sound testing practices. Sessions in this track will address ways to execute testing that matters, including exploratory, integration, functional, and performance testing. They will also address how service virtualization can significantly increase your efficiency, reduce testing costs, and accelerate software delivery.

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Collaborative and Continuous Software Delivery through DevOps

Alex Abi Khaled

Are you ready for DevOps? The emergence of disruptive technologies such as cloud, mobile, social, and analytics combined with new software delivery models like multi-sourcing, forces organizations to increase the frequency of software delivery. The push for speed and quality at reduced cost is exposing the inefficiencies of unmanaged processes. This session covers the IBM DevOps strategy and the different solutions in the Rational portfolio.

Rational Quality Management Overview

Marc van Lint

This presentation will give you an overview on what's happening on Rational Testing. What are trends and challenges IBM sees in the market. See how Rational assist in addressing these issues. Get an overview of the packaging with the latest updates on Rational's Test Management, Service Virtualization and Mobile Testing.

Addressing Systems Design Complexity

Noud van Mullekom

From cars and planes to medical electronics and consumer devices, developing the new generation of products and systems presents new challenges. Software is an ever-more important driver of innovation and differentiation and product developers face increasing complexity, competition and compliance constraints. From defining which products to build to architecting, designing and testing, you need collaborative, flexible solutions to manage the dependencies between the software, mechanical and electronic components. Systems keynote discussing Rational’s vision on today’s most prominent product development and delivery goals and challenges. The session will also provide an overview of the products positioned towards the systems and embedded software market including what is new and upcoming.

Strategic Planning Opening Session

Vicky Bunyard

For a long time project planning has been the focus driving most organizations – however in order to reduce waste and increase business value we must move towards more strategic planning – in this session we will explore what we really mean by strategic planning, and some of the solutions and capabilities that IBM Rational is developing to support this approach.

Continuous Release and Deployment with uRelease and uDeploy

Luc Rotsaert

The acquisition of UrbanCode has added the following two capabilities to our DevOps solution :

The speaker will present these capabilities and demonstrate IBM Urbancode Deploy.

Customer Testimonial European Commission DG CONNECT

Steve Willems (European Commission DG CONNECT)

The ‘European Commission’ is a high profile customer of Rational. It’s a valued customer facing similar issues like any other customer. See how European Commission - DG CONNECT will share their experience on achieving higher quality by using IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM). This session will also address the implementation approach followed during the integration of RTC, RQM and reporting.

Collaboration across engineering disciplines

Gray Bachelor

Engineers of all kinds—electrical, mechanical, software and others—must collaborate in real time and work together in new ways even if they use different tools from different vendors. In multi-disciplinary systems engineering projects it is a challenge to have an up to date overview of the configuration, status and quality of the system under design. Cross-discipline analysis is enabled by having cross-discipline system models and integrated tools. This allows stakeholders to manage growing complexity, derive knowledge from the available data and make timely and correct engineering and business decisions. This is where we will discuss how the OSLC based open architecture and federated data approach of Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager (RELM) lets you visualize, analyze and organize engineering data throughout your organization.

Governing the Software Supply Chain

Jack Verstappen

To deliver software using a supplier network, executives must

These imperatives apply to a wide range of supply chain scenarios, whether suppliers are acquired through outsourcing, off the shelf applications (including open source and commercial), or captive development centers, and whether the software is deployed using a cloud-based SaaS or in an in-house operating environment. We will discuss these imperatives and how to apply them using the Rational Application Lifecycle Management, and provide a deep-dive into the solution workflow, with details on the typical roles and specific workflows involved in the deployment of the solution.

What’s New and What’s on the Rational CLM Horizon

Richard Bakker

Join us for an update on what is happening in the industry including trends like continuous delivery based on research from Forrester, including application life-cycle management (ALM). Then the Rational CLM team will share what they have been up to over the last year and what we're planning going forward. In addition to reviewing new capabilities delivered in the CLM products and taking a look at the roadmap, we'll provide updates on a number of topics, including: expanded ecosystem of application lifecycle management capabilities supported through new and improved integrations, both with IBM products as well as third-parties; our internal transition to a continuous delivery model, focusing on accomplishments to date as well as what's up next; and easier ways to consume CLM through new hosted offerings including a demo on JazzHub -- register and start a project in less than a minute in the Cloud!

Service Virtualization

Marc Loos

This is HOT! Get informed what Service Virtualization is. How can this technology help you in development, in testing and in the delivery of quality solutions? "Test early" can be done, waiting is eliminated. The benefits in time-reduction and money-saving are easy to identify. A technology every customer should evaluate!

Controlled Acceleration of Product Innovationa

Vicky Bunyard

Prioritize and select the right investments, balance strategy with market demands and align resources to deliver the right products at the right time. Connect product management and project portfolio management with systems and software delivery to achieve improved productivity, faster time to market, reduced costs, higher quality and more efficiently demonstrated compliance.

Where are we with Enterprise Modernization

Sanjay Chandru

Enterprise Modernization is an important part of the Rational portfolio for a long period. However, it is an area with new developments as well. In this keynote session we will address the current situation with an overview of the well-known assets and their latest updates, but we will also address the latest additions with for instance Mobile development and DevOps for the mainframe. With this overview you will be up-to-date and ready to decide what next steps you can take.

Scaling Agile

Eric Cattoir

Many organizations have been struggling to implement Agile methods. In our view this has a lot to do with the fact that methods like SCRUM et Al. have a major focus on only a small part of the overall lifecycle. These methods have a huge focus on the developer role and provide limited support for complete application lifecycle (not to speak about the overall integration of business and IT). Various method frameworks have been devised in the industry to overcome these limitations. This session will discuss the limitations and give an overview of the major popular frameworks. After this we take a look at how the Rational ALM tools can be used to facilitate their introduction into a complex organization.

Mobile Testing

Marc van Lint

New! IBM has a very strong software delivery solution for Mobile Applications called Worklight. This environment integrates in an unmatched way with Rational across the whole delivery lifecycle. This is addressed in the Mobile slots. This slot will highlight the new features in the Rational Quality portfolio around Mobile testing. It's not a 'nice'. Current products are extended. This enables organizations to adopt Mobile testing and integrate it in your day-to-day testing practices.

Traceability across the lifecycle

Han van Gerwen

Information and artifacts must be tightly integrated across all functions in the engineering lifecycle, to ensure design integrity and demonstrate compliance. Requirements must connect to change requests and to models and then to workflow tasks, to verification and validation procedures, and even into the operations, maintenance and product evolution phases. The session talks about how automated traceability across the lifecycle saves time and cost when changes occur and how it reduces engineering overhead and rework caused by misunderstandings. In addition we will highlight the importance of OSLC and show DOORS Next Generation.

Large Scale Agile Transformation @ Danske Bank

Jack Verstappen

Over the last decade, Danske Bank has transformed its software delivery organization into an enterprise-scale agile powerhouse. In this session, the story of this remarkable reorganization will be the thread in which framework, change principles and resistance will be woven to learn what it means to become an agile organization.

Develop and Integrate Mobile Apps to Drive ROI

Eric Cattoir

Mobile has some unique challenges. You need to connect mobile employees, partners and customers to the back office systems, data and networks in a trusted and secure manner. You have to deliver timely mobile apps within a highly fragmented environment with multitudes of devices, platforms, and networks. You have faster, more iterative mobile development lifecycles. All the while, you need to engage mobile customers, partners and employees with richer, more connected mobile applications that let them take action whenever and where ever they are. Come see how you can take your enterprise mobile with a standards-based Mobile Application Platform that helps you develop, connect, manage and secure mobile apps with unmatched speed and agility.

Access to the right enginering information

Arjen van de Wetering

Engineers spend about 10% of their time searching for up to date information. Project artifacts should be organized such that engineers have easy and instant access to the right information across the lifecycle. This becomes a challenge when dealing with different variants of the same product, when products have different planned and released versions and when engineering artifacts are reused between versions and variants. Accessing wrong information without noticing often has serious consequences. Proper version and variant management will lead to improved productivity, better reuse and higher product quality. We will discuss the Jazz based versioning, variant and configuration services that we are implementing across our tools and integrations with 3rd party products.

Enterprise Modernization meets DevOps

Sanjay Chandru

A number of hot topics float around application development these days. In this session we will talk about these topics in relation to the mainframe. What does it mean to adopt the likes of DevOps, Automatic Deployment, Automatic Testing and Continuous Delivery in your mainframe development cycle.

Integration Testing As The Definition of Done

Richard Bakker

For larger programs, which have to integrate the results of numerous agile teams, there exists the risk of each team ‘definition of done’ to transgress from the programs ‘definition of done’. In this session we will discuss how to setup such a program’s architecture and integration tests that we can continuously monitor the progress of the program, based on the results delivered by the agile teams.

Rational Mobile Development Lifecycle Solution

Eric Cattoir

How can you speed your mobile app development and get to market sooner with an app that runs on multiple mobile platforms? The IBM Mobile Development Lifecycle Solution (IMDLS) addresses these challenges by integrating:

How to move an existing CICS application to a smartphone

Sander De Canck (Asist)

We have reached the point where more smartphones are sold than regular standard phones. It is therefore more and more important to be able to disclose all kinds of assets on the various platforms. In a demo setting we will show how we can create a hybrid smartphone application that reuses an existing z/OS CICS application.

The Enterprise Modernization journey at AG Insurance

Didier Mertens (AG Insurance) & Eric Nolmans (Asist)

Selecting an Enterprise Modernization solution is one thing, but implementing that solution is another story. The journey that took AG Insurance from the selection to the implementation is presented by Asist who was actively involved during this process.

Portfolio Management using Focal Point at a Global Oil Company

Simon Vaughan (DecisionFocus)

This session will cover key points from the Decision Focus’ implementation approach to help manage the delivery of a portfolio of process improvement projects. The IBM Rational Focal Point solution, implementing during 2013 supports a number of key process areas such as idea management, annual budgeting and planning and quarterly reporting of benefits and progress.

Software Development for IBM System I: Maximizing productivity on Power Systems

Keith Allen, Philippe Magne (Arcad Software)

Rational Developer for I, Rational Team Concert and the Rational-Arcad Powerpack will help you to analyze, clean-up and re-structure your existing RPG applications. The solution offers a fully integrated collaborative development environment, with an up-to-date eclipse user interface.

Time Session
08:30Registration & Welcome Coffee/Tea
09:30Welcome & Keynote by Kevin Stoodley (Rational CTO)
10:30Networking & Break
11:00 Collaborative and Continuous Software Delivery through DevOps Rational Quality Management Overview Rational Quality Management Overview Addressing Systems Design Complexity Strategic Planning Opening Session
11:45 Continuous Release and Deployment with uRelease and uDeploy Customer Testimonial European Commission DG CONNECT Collaboration across engineering disciplines Governing the Software Supply Chain
12:30Networking & Lunch
13:30What's New and What's on the Rational CLM Horizon Service Virtualization Controlled Acceleration of Product Innovation Where are we with Enterprise Modernization
14:15Scaling Agile Mobile Testing Traceability across the lifecycle The Enterprise Modernization journey at AG Insurance
15:00 Networking & Break
15:30 Large Scale Agile Transformation @ Danske Bank Develop and Integrate Mobile Apps to Drive ROI Access to the right enginering information Enterprise Modernization meets DevOps
16:15 Integration Testing As The Definition of Done Rational Mobile Development Lifecycle Solution Portfolio Management using Focal Point at a Global Oil Company How to move an existing CICS application to a smartphone
16:15 Software Development for IBM System I: Maximizing productivity on Power Systems
17.00Networking & Closing

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