European Utility Week 2013


Hear success stories from your peers at leading energy and utility organizations and join IBM for a pre-conference seminar as well as at the Innovation and Technology Platform on the exhibition floor.

PLEASE NOTE: Please check the latest program on the EUW website for updates on times & session rooms.

IBM Speaking sessions

Pre-Conference Seminar

Recent Innovations in Smarter Energy

Monday 14 October, 1.00 PM – 5.00 PM, Elicium building Room D203-204

Please plan to join IBM for a special pre-conference seminar the afternoon of Monday, 14 October. The program will feature leading utilities and industry experts presenting case studies of recent innovative projects. Topics to be covered include: customer operations, asset and workforce management, smart metering, and grid operations.

Comfirmed Client Speakers: Salzburg AG, EON, Centerpoint

For more information please click on EUW 2013 website

Yannig Goude
EDF R&D, France

Understanding electricity demand for improved stimulation and forecasting at scale
ICT & Data Management: ICT for dynamic asset management and operations

Wednesday 16 October, 11.00 AM, Elicium 2

The project addresses a recurrent problem for the utility industries: the emulation and forecasting of complex demand behaviours within very large grids.
> Balancing production and demand using real-time control and at much lower levels of locality, e.g., city or neighbourhood levels.
> Modelling of energy demand at low levels of locality, and taking account drifts within the aggregated signals
> Real-time forecast applied to energy demand aggregated at low levels of locality translates into systems and analytics challenges

Ellen Diskin
Engineer - Smart Networks
ESB Networks

Data Management and Analytics for Electrical Distribution System operators
ICT & Data Management: Analytics and new technologies for data management

Wednesday 16 October, 11.20 AM, Elicium building Room G106-107

The project is a crucial step forward in determining the analytical tools and data sources which will help Distribution System Operators face the challenges in a changing industry and get the most out of their system data.
> Practical challenges for DNOs
> Challenges and opportunities in analyzing network measurements from various data sources
> The potential added value of smart meter data for understanding customer-specific consumption patterns

Sven Wagner
Head of IT and Innovation
E.ON Metering GmbH

E.ON Metering: Setting Up and Operating an Energy Services Platform for Smart Metering & Innovations in E.ON Group
Smart Metering: Smart Metering 2.0 projects

Wednesday 16 October, 11.40 AM, Elicium 1

E.ON Metering: Setting up and operating an Energy Services Platform for Smart Metering and Innovations in E.ON Group
> Changing requirements in the energy and utility industry
> The transformation of the industry business models to include new areas such as service-oriented offerings
> The expected convergence and reuse of “platform” strategies to manage operations and offer new kinds of services across the energy value chain

Michael Martin
Executive Consultant, GTS Center of Excellence for Smart Grid Communications
IBM Corporation

Internet of Things (IoT) End-to-End Communications Solution for Smart Grid and Smart Metering Applications
Innovation & Technology Platform

Wednesday 16 October, 1.30 PM
Hall 1, PLAZA 2: Next generation communication architectures

> A new paradigm for machine-to-machine communications with end-to-end security and distributed computing
> The solution is easily adaptable to the local environment (highly flexible frequency, interface, and protocol choices)
> Supports real-time access to all smart grid devices, including smart meters

Ricardo Klatovsky
Global Sales and Solutions Leader, Energy & Utilities
IBM Corporation

The Digital Future - imagining the future of customer engagement for energy providers
End User Engagement: Consumer engagement - demand response

Thursday 17 October, 9.00 AM, Elicium 1

IBM has conducted a new study through its Institute for Business Value and plans to share the detailed results of the executive and consumer surveys
> A vision of an energy future for customers in 2023, based on surveys with industry leaders, consumers, and industry thought leaders
> Implications of digitization on industry business models
> What is required to prepare for a digitized future

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