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Technical Computing Roadshow 2013


For decades, entry into the world of Technical Computing was limited by barriers such as high infrastructure costs and the extensive expertise required for implementation and management. Frequently, organizations were also struggling to keep a high-performance system busy enough to justify the expense.

Now those barriers have fallen, and the time has come to unleash the transformational power of high-performance Technical Computing across the entire business spectrum:

With the aid of IBM’s investments and innovations, businesses of all sizes and across diverse industries are leveraging the power of Technical Computing to produce better outcomes faster while lowering costs and risk. Now companies who thought the benefits of Technical Computing were beyond their reach can gain a competitive advantage by

  • Leveraging solutions that take the complexity out of deploying, managing and using high-performance clusters, grids and clouds,
  • Accelerating the processing of big data and compute-intensive applications,
  • Running more iterations, simulations, analyses and getting business results quicker,
  • Maximizing the potential of their existing computing power and supporting, infrastructure and
  • Extracting insight from data to make better decisions faster.

Join us for half a day of insights, innovation and ideas at the
IBM Technical Computing Roadshow in Paris, Frankfurt or London.

It’s free to join, so best reserve your seat today!

Registration is now closed.

Join us in France, Germany or the UK:

September 24, 2013 – Paris
Salons Etoile Wagram
16, Avenue Wagram
75008 Paris

September 25, 2013 – Frankfurt/Main
Frankfurt Marriott Hotel
Hamburger Allee 2
Frankfurt, Hessen 60486

September 26, 2013 – London
Kensington Marriott Hotel
147 Cromwell Road, Kensington
London, SW5 0TH
United Kingdom

Time Description
8:30 AM Registrations
9:00 AM Welcome
9:10 AM Opening Keynote
Technical Computing: Trends, Challenges and Vision
9:45 AM Top 10 Best Practices For Your High Performance Computing (HPC) Environment
10:15 AM Why Your Analytics Applications Need A Low Latency Compute and Data Grid
10:45 AM Break
11:00 AM Addressing Gaps in Open Source Big Data, Hadoop, and MapReduce
11:30 AM Customer Testimonial
12:00 PM Simplifying HPC for Departmental and Smaller Organizations
12:30 PM How to Engage and Next Steps
12:50 PM Wrap-up – Q&A
13:00 PM Cocktail Lunch
Subject to change.