Mobile World Congress 2014


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IBM will highlight demonstration areas that align with our clients’ key business imperatives, IBM Research, Pure Systems and MobileFirst.

to optimize and monetize next generation networks. These solutions explore how CSPs can transform their networks to reduce costs and enable network monetization. IBM will demonstrate how we integrate software, services and technology with a partner ecosystem to improve the fabric of the network, dramatically increase its operational efficiency, and drive new value. Learn how IBM transforms networks by enabling network virtualization, improving active and passive network operations with network analytics, and leverages IT in the network to unlock new opportunities.

by generating new revenue rapidly and increasing differentiation. Use new approaches to expand service portfolios by leveraging the cloud and tapping into development coming from inside and outside the company. Move beyond commoditization by incorporating new applications for industries such as IT, utilities, transportation, healthcare, banking and retail as well as government entities, into profitable new service offerings that position the service provider centrally in the value chain. Visit us to see IBM’s vertical industry solutions built on IBM M2M, cloud and enterprise mobility technologies. Discuss how to create, integrate, launch and manage new revenue-generating services that will diversify your portfolio.

to maximize value with a compelling marketing, shopping, and service experience. This solution area explores how service providers can quickly and effectively monetize new services and products and tailor offers to the unique needs of their clients. Using analytics and a 360˚ view of the customer to target bundles, discounts and location driven offers, CSPs can intelligently leverage opportunities to personalize the customer engagement across all channels.

BECOME A DIGITAL SERVICE PROVIDER (prior Transform Operations)
to optimize business and achieve service excellence. Service providers demand agile and flexible processes that enable exploitation of new business models for rapid introduction of new services. In this solution area, explore how IBM delivers world-class innovation that can substantially transform daily operations by accelerating process automation, and increasing network performance and service quality. Discover the difference delivered by IBM solutions from order management to security operations.

Given the challenges in this industry, our clients look to IBM for innovative ideas and solutions that can help transform their business. Drawing on a wide range of topics, from big data and the systems designed to handle volumes of information to microelectronics breakthroughs and the very latest from IBM’s well-known Research organization, these are must-see demonstrations.

Engage with the systems and technology team to learn the very latest on our expert integrated systems –PureSystems – that combine the flexibility of a general purpose system, the elasticity of cloud, and the simplicity of an appliance tuned to the workload. Learn how IBM PureFlex for infrastructure, PureApplication for an application platform, and PureData for a data platform are changing the economics of IT and network infrastructure. (See next page for deeper view into PureSystems)

with IBM MobileFirst, fundamentally changing and creating new value for customer, supplier and employee interaction. This solution area will highlight mobile capabilities relevant to telecom, banking, retail, insurance, healthcare, government, automotive and transportation attendees. IBM MobileFirst will also highlight specific software and services capabilities that enable organizations to effectively build and deploy mobile applications, institute an IT infrastructure optimized for mobile, create exceptional customer experiences, and launch a 'mobile first' business transformation.

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