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International Broadcasting Convention 2012


John Kennedy, VP, Corporate Marketing, IBM

Keynote Session
Title: The New Advertising: How the Medium and the Message are Adapting to the New Digital World

Together at this year's IBC, Miles Young, Worldwide Chairman and CEO of Ogilvy & Mather, and John Kennedy, VP of Corporate Marketing at IBM, delivered a keynote address entitled " The New Advertising: How the Medium and the Message are Adapting to the New Digital World".

Young and Kennedy will focus on topics, technologies, and award-winning creative assets that are at the forefront of digital, social, and mobile innovation, and that are critical to the future success of both of their corporations. Ttopics ranged from the evolving role of the CMO to the new world of 'deep content', illuminating for viewers the perspectives of both a top agency and top client on the future of marketing in a fast-changing world. 

Chair: Chris Forrester, Editorial Director, Broadgate Publications, and, UK

Miles Young, CEO, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide
John Kennedy, VP, Corporate Marketing, IBM

This session was recorded and is available via the On-Demand Session Playback on the IBC Web site (registration required).

Saul Berman - IBM Global Strategy Consulting Leader, Global Innovation & Growth Service Area Leader

IBC Conference - Business Panel Session
Title: The Great Connected Television Debate: Will the internet be the end of television as we know it?

“Connected television will render traditional channels irrelevant” - Teams spoke for and against this contentious motion, debating whether the emergence of video devices and displays connected directly to data networks will make traditional television channels redundant and obsolete. It’s a critical question for everyone connected to the television viewing experience. Arguments were presented for each side as speakers representing traditional broadcasters and new entrants discussed the future of television. Share your views and help shape the debate. You can participate and make your own contribution to this stimulating discussion. At the end you can vote on which side has made the best case. This lively session is bound to be entertaining and one you simply cannot afford to miss.

Panel Chair: William Cooper,

Panel Members:
Saul Berman - IBM Global Strategy Consulting Leader, Global Innovation & Growth Service     Area Leader
• John Honnicut, Discovery Networks International/ Mark Hollinger, President and CEO,                 Discovery Networks International
• Andrew Ioannou, Director of Strategy, Technology, Platforms & Business Delivery, ITV

This session was recorded and is available via the On-Demand Session Playback on the IBC Web site (registration required)

Noemi Murgat – Managing Consultant – Media & Entertainment Industry - IBM Global Business Services, France

Workflow Solutions Village
Title: Building a system architecture for future and emerging business and that allows easy addition of new distribution channels

CANAL+ Group, France's number 1 pay-TV operator, has completely transformed its business, by implementing a scalable, instrumented and standards based software platform. Since commencing the project in February 2010, Canal+ has modernized and improved efficiencies across the entire media process lifecycle - from the time content is received to the moment it is distributed on multi-platforms. During the transformation, Canal+ automated its entire workflow process and moved to a fully digital media end-to-end processing system that provides them with much greater production flexibility, better visibility into their assets, lower production and operational costs, and the ability to add new channels within days.

The solution relies on a service oriented architecture-based approach to manage and monitor the various business processes interacting with multiple media industry-specific ISVs providing specialized media services (e.g. media asset management, browsing, transcoding, wrapping, quality control, transport, etc.) Users interact with the solution through a single unified intranet portal, accessing the entire platform including Canal+ internal systems (eg. traffic, rights management, archives, etc.) and offering sophisticated media functionality.

Canal+ can now advance its consumer services by taking advantage of new technologies such as on-demand, web-TV and mobile TV while continuing to offer its subscribers high quality programming.

IBM Speaker – Noemi Murgat

• Client Speaker – Christophe Remy-Neris, IT Director for Technical Broadcast and Solution Architect for the MIT project at Canal+

More information about IBM and Canal+ working together can be found in our press release.

Martin Guillaume, IBM, GBS Media Industry Leader, Europe

IBC Conference - Business Panel Session (led by IBM)
Title: Where Cloud Delivers For Media

This was a fantastic chance to hear first-hand testimony from major European media companies that use Cloud technology to full advantage!

A panel of recognised executives from broadcasters, content owners and distributors delivered their no-compromise insight into how they have put Cloud into practice.

Hype frequently exceeds reality when it comes to new technologies and the Cloud is no exception. The topic has been floating around for some time but how many media companies have actually implemented cloud services, or even have it on their agenda? Do the claims made for its cost efficiency and collaborative workflows stack-up? How can you and your company benefit from outsourcing part or all of an archive, a production or facility? How secure and reliable is your content on servers owned by a third party? These media companies have bitten the cloud bullet and learn the strategic business benefits and pitfalls of working with the cloud today.

Panel Chair: Martin Guillaume, Media Industry Leader (Europe), IBM Global Business Services

Panel Members:
Frederic Brochard, Broadcast Technical Director, Canal+
Oliver Copp, International IT Governance Manager, ProSiebenSat.1
• Philippe Rouxel, Chief Marketing Officer, Globecast Group
• Harry Strover, Chief Enterprise Architect, BBC

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