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Mobile World Congress 2013


Malcolm Nicholas
CTO, Telecommunications, GBS UK&I

Evaluating the Business Case for Mobile Cloud Services
(Monday 25th February, 14.00-15.30)

The mobile cloud has long offered the potential to provide mobile operators and other service providers with access to new revenue streams. For consumers, mobile cloud services have largely focused on providing storage and back-up services. Whether service providers provision the network for these services, develop cloud apps or deliver and optimise cloud content for consumers, mobile cloud have yet to reach its potential and moreover, provide significant revenue streams across the value chain.

This session will ask if there is really a business case for providing consumer-focused mobile cloud services beyond back-up and storage and if so, what are these services. This session will also discuss whether players can monetise consumer-focused cloud services successfully.

Paul Bloom
CTO, Telecom Research & Telecom Industry Leader

Big data: big questions, big value?
(Monday 25 February 2013 from 16.00-17.30)

The session will feature case study presentations from a variety of angles that highlight the applications of big data, followed by an expert panel that will discuss the challenges and opportunities in the field.

We’ve all heard plenty of hyperbole about the ‘tsunami’ of data generated daily in modern life. But this this isn’t just hype, it’s a phenomenon: 90% of all the data that exists today has been created in the last two years, according to IBM figures. Audio, video, smart meters, connected cars, social media updates … the list of data-generators goes on and on, and is expanding daily.

What can we actually achieve with all this data? The power of modern processors and smart analytical tools has put many billions of dollars of potential value into the mobile ecosystem, but this is not just a technical question for the guys in business analytics. It is one that will affect how whole organizations, whether traditionally data-driven or not, comprehend and deliver internal processes and external services.

But this enormous potential is inevitably qualified by a number of challenges. Privacy and security concerns never fail to make headlines, the need for partnerships and some agreed standards on network APIs and reporting, and a shortage of qualified personnel all may slow down big-data development in the mobile ecosystem.

This session will consider the tangible opportunities in mobile big data and will ask how we can make the most of them.

Craig Farrell
VP & CTO, Global Telecom Industry & IBM Distinguished Engineer

Technology Evolution: Network Operations for Optimal Service Delivery
(Thursday 28 February 2013 from 11.30-13.00)

Providing a superior customer experience will be one of the main objectives for operators in coming years. They will need to enhance the end-to-end quality of service provided by their networks while increasing network capacity. This goes hand in hand with optimised, converged operations to improve the cost base, service time-to-market and overall flexibility.

This session will give insights into how to measure end-to-end QoS (Quality of Service) and to identify the main parameters impacting customer experience. Furthermore, industry leaders will introduce the latest methods to operate future networks efficiently and will present initiatives to define requirements for unified operations standards.

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