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Asiantuntijamme kertovat koko aamupäivän mittaisen tarinan höystettynä erilaisilla demoilla.

Aamupäivän puhujat

Alan Kittel Alan Kittel
Project Manager
Competitive Technology Laboratory, IBM Software Group

Alan Kittel is a project manager in the Competitive Technology Laboratory within the IBM Software Group. He specializes in integration technologies for ESB and BPM solutions.

Alan joined the Internet division of IBM in 1996, and has been working in the area of competitive technology since 1997.

Prior to joining IBM he was the development manager for relational database products at a large software and services company.

Gary Andrews Gary Andrews
Senior Consulting programmer
Competitive Project Office, IBM Software Group

Gary Andrews is a Senior Consulting programmer by title and is currently working in the Competitive Project Office in the SWG lab doing hands on research that proves the technical superiority of IBM SWG products vs Oracle and Sun solutions.

He has held various manager as well as technical lead positions at IBM for 35 years, with the most “fun” job being an “ethical hacker” where he was paid to break into large well recognized companies to expose their security issues.

He travels to customer and business partner briefings all over the world to demonstrate why IBM software on IBM hardware is the superior solution.

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