Utilising Procurement Data to Eliminate Risk and Drive Innovation

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With strong growth forecast in the economy, forward looking organisations are evaluating how they can stay ahead of their competition through innovation and delivering better value to their clients and how the procurement department can be at the forefront of maintaining a competitive edge.

In fact, a recent survey of 1,128 CPOs from organisations with annual revenue in excess of US$1 billion found that the highest performing organisations stayed ahead of the pack through their use of data in procurement to gain insight and valuable information to deliver:

  1. Best in class traditional procurement capabilities
  2. Influence within the enterprise over purchasing and strategic decisions
  3. Identification of innovative ideas from a diverse range of inputs.

The challenge is how can Procurement leverage its mountain of data and gain a single view across the orgainsation's multiple silos?

This workshop briefing will describe how procurements data can become the most valuable asset and provide actionable next steps

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  1. Find out what data is important to you
  2. Discover how to use that data to deliver business benefit & function credibility
  3. Understand how you can use this to support your long term goals of reducing risk and driving innovation.

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