Security Briefing: Learn how Modern Access and Identity Management can Enhance Business Outcomes in Today’s Multi-Connected World.


IBM is committed to Security. As our division continues to grow and build its footprint as an industry leader-we continue to expand our reach with our growing portfolio of products and services dedicated to helping Security professionals meet the great challenges faced into today’s security climate.

In today's open and interconnected enterprise, traditional perimeters are being extended to adopt mobile, cloud, social access and information interactions. To make matters worse, many organizations face the growing cost and risk of managing multiple identity and access controls without the required security intelligence to address those challenges. They need the ability to secure identity and access across the wide variety of enterprise and internet resources from any device, any service and any source.

Join IBM & Pirean in this session to review the next generation access and identity management needs and the solution patterns available today to enable rapid adoption of mobile, cloud, and social transformation.

Tuesday 11 June, 9-12:00 at IBM Client Centre, Southbank, London

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IBM Client Centre, United Kingdom

IBM Client Centre
76/78 Upper Ground
South Bank
London, SE1 9PZ
United Kingdom
Telephone: 020 7202 3000

Time Description
9:00-9:30 Registration & Coffee
9:30 – 9:45 Using the IBM Security Blueprint to address the evolving business security threats. Where are you on the maturity map?
Peter Jopling: Business Unit Executive, IBM Security Systems
9:45 – 10:30 Understand how modern access and identity management solutions enable rapid adoption of secure mobile & cloud
Neil Warburton, Security Architect, IBM Security Systems
10:30 – 10:50 Break
10:50 – 11:35 Learn how advanced access management can bring enhanced user experience and improved business outcomes.
Rob Macgregor
11:35 – 12:00 Meet the experts
12:00 Close
Our experts are looking forward to meeting you:
Neil Warbuton is a Security Architect at IBM Security Systems, who has a long track record of helping design and deliver security solutions. Neil specialises in identity, access and cloud security and has been working on these with central and local government mainly and other customers in the UK. Neil's experience includes mainframe programming, client-server solutions, operating systems and still enjoys building prototypes and demonstrations. More recently, the issues around cloud security policy management have become and area of focus.
Twitter: @n_war_bur_ton
Rob Macgregor, Principal Consultant with Pirean Ltd, has a vast range of IT solution implementation experience across a wealth of IBM software as accumulated throughout his career. With eighteen years of direct experience in the IT security field Rob’s focus has been on implementing and delivering security solutions, in particular the architecture, design and implementation of customer solutions using IBM Security Systems products. Rob works at his best as a problem-solver, applying his specialist knowledge and experience to customer challenges.

About IBM Security
With more than 40 years of security development and innovation, IBM has breadth and depth in security research, products, services and consulting. IBM has nine worldwide research labs innovating security technology and 10 security operations centers around the world to help global clients maintain an appropriate security posture. For more information on IBM Security Solutions, please visit:

About Pirean:
Pirean, partnering with IBM Security Systems, provides award-winning solutions for Orchestrated Identity and Access Management - including Advanced Authentication, Web Access Management, Single-Sign-On, Federation and User Lifecycle Provisioning - across Datacentre, Cloud and Mobile. Our orchestrated approach to IAM allows organisations to improve efficiencies, reduce risk, cut costs, simplify compliance, and ultimately accelerate new business opportunities.

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