IBM Security Intelligence Briefing: Learn how modern Security Intelligence can enhance business outcomes in today’s multi-connected world


IBM is committed to Security. As our division continues to grow and build its footprint as an industry leader--we continue to expand our reach with our growing portfolio of products and services dedicated to helping Security professionals meet the great challenges faced into today’s security climate. We are happy to announce our latest endeavour of continuing that reach and inviting you to our IBM Security Briefing on 11th June 2013.

The security landscape has changed with the emergence of advanced attackers and widespread fraud. Today, organisations have less chance of finding sophisticated threats before their sensitive information assets are compromised. A new approach to Security Intelligence provides unprecedented powers of detection by combining deep security expertise with analytical insights on a massive scale. Learn how this method is helping organisations manage risks and threats: from protection through to detection and to remediation.

Tuesday 11 June, 1pm – 4pm at IBM Client Centre, Southbank, London

About IBM Security
With more than 40 years of security development and innovation, IBM has breadth and depth in security research, products, services and consulting. IBM has nine worldwide research labs innovating security technology and 10 security operations centers around the world to help global clients maintain an appropriate security posture. For more information on IBM Security Solutions, please visit:

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London, United Kingdom

IBM Client Centre
76/78 Upper Ground
South Bank
London, SE1 9PZ
United Kingdom
020 7202 3000
IBM Client Centre


Time Description
1:00-1.30 Registration & Coffee
1.30 How the IBM Security Blueprint addressed the evolving business Security threats.
Peter Jopling: Business Unit Executive, IBM Security Systems
2:00 Total intelligence and visibility for today’s Security Ecosystems
2:45 Coffee break
3:00 Demonstrations & Roundtable Discussion with examples around:
4:00 Meet the Experts & Close

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