Executive Briefing: New approaches for insurers to optimise capital and achieve better performance - 19. September 2013, Köln


Hotel Mondial am Dom Köln, Raum Haydn

Kurt-Hackenberg-Platz 1, 50667 Köln

The Solvency II debate has moved on. While in the past the key focus would be on achieving regulatory compliance in a cost-effective manner, nowadays the heart of the debate is in finding out how a better business value could be created through regulatory compliance. Although a few insurers would have already tackled this issue, a bulk of the industry still grapples with the challenge.

With a view to provide a platform to stimulate discussion on Solvency II-related issues between the key industry players, IBM will be holding executive briefings in major financial centres in Q3 and Q4 2013.

Attend the exclusive IBM briefing to find out about new approaches designed to help insurers like you to price risk exposures accurately, free up capital and provide greater risk insight, and at the same time address Solvency II requirements cost effectively.

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