Sensemaking With Jeff Jonas and Sam Adams


Information is the life-blood of any agency or enterprise. The first decade of Big Data and Analytics began with a focus on the sheer volume and velocity of this information, with Stream processing and Map-Reduce technology emerging to extract insights from vast new reservoirs of raw data gushing from mobile, social and sensor sources. As these technologies matured, the focus shifted up the value chain, fusing information from many sources to mitigate uncertainty in the data while refining and exploiting context for rich situational awareness. Now enterprises are exploring alternative data management strategies (e.g., NoSQL and graph databases) to efficiently make the most their Big Data assets. Deploying the first stages of their digital nervous systems, leading enterprises are laying the groundwork to move beyond manually programmable systems into the new era of Cognitive Computing.

This seminar will cover the breadth and depth of these transitions, from the emergence of contextual computing and managed data systems through the early stages of the cognitive computing era, highlighting the low-hanging fruit, sharing lessons learned as well as the future illuminated by IBM Research’s Global Technology Outlook.

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Washington D.C. - United States

600 14th Street, NW
Washington D.C.
United States

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