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IBM Finance Forum 2012 - Calgary
May 9, 2012


Stream Integration Stream Integration

Stream Integration was named IBM Partner of the year in 2013 and Top 500 fastest growing companies. Stream Integration is a Professional Service company focusing on linking Technology/Data to Business requirements. The team members including Executives are mostly ex-IBM with offices across North America and Europe: Montreal, Toronto, New York, Austin, London and Amsterdam.

Peritas Solutions

Peritas Solutions is a management and technology consulting firm. We are advisors to corporations, government, and educational institutions with deep expertise in analytics, technology, and business alignment. Our history in performance management enables us to quickly engage and provide positive impact. Our key to high customer satisfaction is applying our knowledge and experience to overcome the single largest failure point in technology oriented projects – the disconnect between the needs of the business and the implementation of technology. Our exceptional list of references is the result of developing solutions based on the principle that technology exists to enable and improve business processes and decisions.