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IBM Government Analytics Forum 2013


Esri Esri

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Esri Location Analytics helps you unlock the spatial component of your data to bring new insights and derive more value from your existing IBM practice through enhanced customer analysis, more efficient operations, and improved collaboration and communication. Esri and our partners can apply the benefits of location analytics to all major IBM platforms to give your organization a geographic perspective.

Four Inc

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Four Inc. is an IBM Business Analytics Solution provider, offering the full suite of IBM Cognos and SPSS solutions to meet the specific analytics needs for our federal government customers. Leveraging IBM Business Analytics enables government agencies to apply analytics to decision-making anytime, anywhere. As a Certified 8(a) Woman-Owned Small Business, Four Inc. offers a simplified acquisition process, IBM Software Licensing expertise, and flexible payment solutions for our federal clients.

PerformanceG2 PerformanceG2

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PerformanceG2 provides business intelligence and analytics solutions and software, onsite and online Cognos training, financial and data management solutions and Cognos support to organizations. In addition, PerformanceG2 is a certified IBM Cognos Business Analytics Partner and Solution Provider for the Government Sector- providing business intelligence tools specifically for government organizations.

The SemFin Group The SemFin Group

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SemFin, the "Go-To" IBM Premier Business Partner and IBM Cognos Solution Provider for Budgeting, Planning and BI solutions for Government Contractors and Project Driven Enterprises. Our Project Planning and Reporting Solution (PPRS) is the result of more than 10 years of experience in the government contractor community delivering robust yet flexible project planning and reporting solutions using IBM Cognos software

IBM Big Data Analytics IBM Big Data Analytics

Leveraging Big Data presents significant challenges for agencies today. A robust and flexible business analytics solution gives federal decision-makers the insight they need to make smarter decisions. From reports to dashboards, from metrics management to mobility, the IBM business intelligence suite delivers actionable insight when you want and where you need it. Stop by and see how IBM's business intelligence solutions can help you understand the “Whats,” “Hows” and “Whys” of your organization's performance.

IBM Budgeting and Finance<br />IBM Compliance and Risk IBM Budgeting and Finance
IBM Compliance and Risk

Budgeting and Finance
This demonstration will show how the successful implementation of a planning solution requires an intersection of technology, business process and best practices. See how with an IBM solution you can streamline the budget formulation process and react quickly to change.

Compliance and Risk
Critical but often overlooked parts of the government budget and finance process are period end financial reporting, managing the compliance requirements around laws and standards that govern the government finance process, and managing financial risk. In this demonstration, attendees will see how analytics can be used to provide context and granularity around an agency's risk and control environment, test control design and/or operating efficiencies so issues and remediation may occur when needed, facilitate sign-off for A-123, SOX etc. (e.g. regulations, mandates), streamline reporting so managers can make real-time decisions, and coordinate and automate governance, risk, and compliance activities such that workflow and data elements can be shared and standardized.

IBM Enterprise Analytics Success IBM Enterprise Analytics Success

There’s no doubt that building an enterprise analytics strategy provides proven value; the path there though can be challenging. When building an enterprise analytics strategy, the value is proven, the path is debatable! The IBM Analytic solution for zEnterprise enables you to start with your most critical analytics issue -- from security to availability, scalability to cost -- and quickly realize business value -- all with the flexibility to expand and grow without the need to re-architect. Visit this demonstration to learn about new alternatives to help your agency eliminate the technical challenges associated with analytics standardization, so your users can focus instead on using analytics to improve decision making across the organization.

IBM Insider Threat Detection IBM Insider Threat Detection

Targeted insider threat behavior is not random or spontaneous; it is the result of an understandable, and often discernible, pattern of thinking and behavior. The IBM Insider Threat Deterrence and Detection Solution arms your mission with powerful predictive, streaming & entity analytics & visualization to recognize the threat before it becomes a problem.

IBM Program Performance Management IBM Program Performance Management

The FASAB (Federal Account Standards Advisory Board) and Council of IG (Inspector General) on Integrity and Efficiency recommended evolving the agency reporting model to meet the needs of all stakeholders and advocate improved performance information, more spending information and electronic "web based" reporting. This demonstration will show an integrated solution, using Cognos Disclosure Management ("CDM") to capture, interact, display and produce performance and other reports.

IBM Social Media Analytics IBM Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics represents a significant opportunity for federal agencies to gain unique insight into how effective policies and programs are without the need for expensive studies or a large dedicated staff. Additionally, social media analytics allows agencies to spot emerging threats/trends and to respond more quickly. Moreover, see how unique algorithms are applied, while using public data to gain insight into demographics, geographic behavioral and influencer analytics. Stop by and see how IBM can help your organization leverage the "big data of the social media world to improve your agency's performance.